Blush: Decorating with Edward Bulmer Paints


evesham_blush_bed_006 The popularity of a new wave of soft blush colours has been growing over the past few years – and it looks set to stay with some key pieces added to our blush range this season.


“Some of our bestselling colours are pink,” says interior designer Edward Bulmer of his eponymous paints. “It can be used to create a cosy sitting room, a calm bedroom or an elegant hallway or dining room.”

Edward (@edwardbulmerpaints) specialises in heritage colours made from natural pigments, including Cuisse de Nymphe Emue and Jonquil. “Cuisse is a dusty pink borrowed from the family rooms at the Grade I-listed Petworth House.”


ALL NATURAL DECORATINGblush-upholstery-hand-3

Edward Bulmer paints are made from natural pigments, and are plastic-free. “The colours have a living feel and change in the light.” If painting a whole wall seems like a scary way to start, introduce blush or pink accessories into your home before you get the roller out. If you like it and you’re ready to colour your walls, start softly, playing with different shades for a pink-on-pink neutral monochromatic look, or go for more colourful interpretations.

evesham_blush_bed_030AN ALL-ROUNDER

Pinks work with a range of other colours – everything from dark blues and smoky greys to creamy browns. ”The marriage of pink and green is centuries old,” says Edward. As the colours are opposite each other on the colour wheel, they contrast and complement. ”Pink also looks wonderful with wood, from dark browns to more country and rustic surfaces.”


”Our soft deep brown Chocolate, gives walls a velvet-like finish. See it come to life paired with our dreamiest pink, Rose. At the bolder end of the blush scale, for some that one might be a little too pink. But Chocolate gives it some gravitas and Wes Anderson palette wow.

Try it with Rose on a ceiling and features like a fireplace, or go for pink walls and paint floorboards a deep brown.”


Jonquil is a lovely soft plaster colour, long a best seller. It hovers between pink and beige at different times of day and is incredibly versatile. It’s hard to find a shade this doesn’t go well with, but it’s at its best with green. Bright greens will make it pop, but with Light Olive Green it’s magic. It’s a strong mid-tone green – understated and very sophisticated.”


”For ethereal pink walls, try Cuisse de Nymphe Emue. It has enough umber in the mix to avoid being too feminine. Pair with off whites or soft greys for a calm and beautiful interior. Or enhance it with our deep plum-pink Pompadour for woodwork and panelling. This is a purple-brown dark oxide pigment, and makes for a dramatic backdrop that exudes elegance.“

Introducing accessories in shades of blush or pink into your home is a subtle way to find out how the colour works in your space.

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