How to declutter your home for spring


Slowly, slowly, nature begins to awaken, and with it, our thoughts turn to breathing life back into our homes. After all, there’s nothing quite like a good tidy for stirring a sense of renewal. With this in mind, we’re sharing a few simple tips on how to declutter your home and prepare for spring’s arrival. 

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While the thought of restoring order within our homes is no doubt satisfying, the process itself can feel daunting. And, as with many busy family homes, finding time is often the hardest part. Ease yourself in with smaller sections like labelling or gathering piles. Consider starting with a few hours in the evening here and there, saving larger rooms for a free weekend.


As you begin to prioritise items, it’s important to strike a balance between joy and function. Think about how each object serves your day-to-day. You may well stumble upon forgotten pieces that spark nostalgia and bring meaning to your surroundings. But if not, maybe it’s time to say farewell.  

Consider which items are rooted within your routine and ensure they are easily accessible. Those that are seasonal, such as thicker layers or winter coats, can be stowed neatly away. Be it hooks or shelving, use wall storage for clutter-prone areas. Beautifully woven and available in a range of sizes, our baskets can be used in almost any space to help maintain order. Sliding effortlessly under furniture, shelves or even inside cupboards. 

Stow narrow storage larder, larder cupboard, pantry cupboard, white larder, narrow larder cupboard
Bring seasonal ingredients to the front of your pantry cupboard to prepare for spring feasts.


Whether your home is smaller or larger in size, space is a valuable thing when it comes to family living. That’s where our thoughtful designs come in. From compact larders with adjustable shelves to fold-away desks, let their secret compartments help maximise your space. When organising inside, think about how each shelf or drawer can streamline your everyday. 

For example, rather than collating all your kitchen jars together, assign them individually to where they’re regularly used. Creating hard-working zones that nurture your daily rituals – like a tea-making or washing-up station. 


To get the most out of your furniture, don’t be afraid to rethink its utility. How can it ease your here and now? We believe that the beauty of our most popular pieces lies in their versatility. Made to last, these multi-functional designs can bring new purpose to each chapter of life. Be it season-on-season or as your family grows. 

Discover more tips on how to declutter your home.

For instance, if your morning rush has gotten busier, try repurposing an unused desk or dressing table as hallway storage to keep keys and other daily essentials. Or if your entrance is starting to feel crowded, why not use a comfy storage bench to move shoes and boots into the bedroom? 


Once the clutter is cleared, invite spring in with fresh and bright touches. Add a nod to nature by introducing lighter furnishings and rustic textiles – like pastel cushions and jute rugs. Finally, introduce seasonal fragrances infused with notes of lemon and garden blooms to awaken tired corners. 

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