Colours That Go With Oak Furniture


Classic. Charming. Traditional. Timeless.

We’re rather fond of our beautiful oak ranges. Perfectly epitomising the modern country aesthetic we champion, they each have the ability to slot seamlessly into many different homes – from the contemporary to the characterful.

Crafted rustic oak teamed with wonderfully classic fixtures – it is these traditional features which help to make oak furniture such a timeless and worthy investment, and why it continues to reign high in the popularity stakes when it comes to buying new furniture.

As with all new furniture, the styling and positioning of it can make a world of difference to how it looks and feels in your home. While we all have those knick-knacks and important trinkets we use to decorate and adorn, it is often the colour palette which can make your new investment feel right at home. So, while we agree that white and neutral tones offer a safe, clean and universal option, when it comes to oak furniture we’re all for championing those deep and darker hues.

If you’re looking to invest in one of our traditional and wonderfully timeless ranges, here are just a few of the rich and striking colours that perfectly complement oak furniture.

Inchyra Blue

A rich, moody blue hue that can look more grey or green in certain lights, Inchyra Blue complements the rustic design and highlights the beautiful grain of our Oakland Range.

Going bold on your walls can be deemed rather a brave choice to make, but contrary to popular belief that it will make a space feel small, dark or overly cluttered, it can actually have quite the opposite effect. If you’re unsure, try painting one feature wall where you’ll be placing your oak sideboard or chest of drawers – you’ll be surprised at the difference it can make to the feel of a room.

‘A dark blue grey // This aged blue grey is inspired by the naturally dramatic Scottish skies that act as a backdrop for the classic Georgian Inchyra House.’

Green Smoke

With a soft tone and subtle grey-blue hue in brighter lights, Green Smoke also pairs beautifully with our Oakland collection. While the pastel greens and soft sages have long proved popular in interiors, it is the darker, smokier and richer green hues which are now paving the way.

Proudly championed in our Stow-on-the-Wold flagship store, Green Smoke is an uplifting and rightfully bold choice for your bedroom – you’ll see how the colour subtly changes throughout the day in different lights too. We particularly love how it complements the brass-effect handles of the Oakland range and really helps the wood to pop beautifully against it.

‘A dark and smoky green // A smoky green blue, this colour was popular in interiors during the late 19th century.’

Card Room Green

A rustic design with contemporary steel handles, the light oak grain of our Newark Oak collection sits beautifully against the rich tones of Farrow & Ball’s Card Room Green. Boasting a darker tone to that of Green Smoke, it’s a great choice for the more sociable living areas of your home, like the sitting room or dining area.

‘A masculine grey green // This dark grey green is named after the study like rooms much favoured in the Victorian period and is unapologetic in its masculine feel.’

Blue Gray

Boasting a more ‘weathered’ and muted feel to the richer greens we have mentioned, Blue Gray works especially well in darker spaces – like a hallway or utility room – to both brighten and give the deception of a bigger room. We’ve placed both our Oakland range, and more recently our contemporary-style Newark Oak collection against this softer shade. If the darker colours feel like a step too far and you prefer lighter colours on your walls, Blue Gray is a perfect choice that will work wonderfully in every room.

‘A cool blue grey // With its subtle mix of blue, green and black pigments, Blue Gray creates the most relaxed of rooms that feel as if they have always been there.’

Stiffkey Blue

In addition to our oak collections, Abington Pine – our rustic-inspired collection made from solid pine – boasts a wonderful distressed design with antique-inspired handles reminiscent of an old library or apothecary store. Here we’ve styled our Double Pedestal Desk and Filing Cabinet against a colour match for Farrow & Ball’s stunning Stiffkey Blue – we love how this beautifully deep inky shade provides the perfect ‘moody’ backdrop for it.

‘An inky navy // This inky blue is named after the Norfolk beach where the mud, along with the cockles, share a particular deep navy hue.’

Alternatively, the lighter shade of Blue Gray by Farrow & Ball works perfectly with Abington Pine too – seen here in our beautiful Stow showroom. A wonderfully versatile collection, its dark, distressed design equally complements a more muted and softer shade that’s perfect for an office space or hallway.

Home interiors will always remain incredibly personal and subjective. What one person loves, another cannot abide. While some will love the dark, richer shades we’ve mentioned above, many others will champion lighter, more neutral shades. One thing’s for sure though, oak remains a popular and firm furniture favourite. It boasts a traditional, familiar, trusted and altogether timeless appeal. So, to honour its enduring popularity, we thought we’d share a few of the go-to shades we use in our showrooms, photography or on our location shoots to really highlight how beautiful the grain is, or how unique the features are, just to give you a little inspiration too.

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