Ideas for small gardens

Five small garden ideas to make the most of your space


As spells of sunshine beckon us outside, now’s the time to make the most of our gardens – no matter the size. Patio, decking or balcony, smaller spaces can bring as much joy and tranquility as a sprawling lawn, given a little creativity. Here we share our top five small garden ideas to help you embrace every inch of your outdoors.

storage ideas for small gardensSTYLE UP

One of the biggest challenges for small gardens is finding room for everything you want to grow. So, start by styling from the ground up.

Making use of vertical space instantly frees up the floor for easy outdoor living. Hanging planters from walls, railings, or even balcony ceilings allow you to maximise space while inviting nature in. In fact, climbing blooms like sweet peas, clematis and trailing wisteria thrive against upright surfaces.

When it comes to storage ideas for small gardens, who says shelves and hooks are confined to the hallway? Lightweight and inexpensive, they can provide a handy spot for keeping baskets of garden tools or other essentials outside without taking over.

Garden room ideas with rattan benchFIND FUNCTION

It goes without saying that slimmer outdoor furniture best fits gardens on the snug side. And yet, it’s versatility that truly carries smaller gardens through each season. Take our compact shoe benches, for instance – by winter, convenient storage to stow muddy boots, by summer, a comfy perch for basking.

Take the time to think about how one piece can serve different zones and occasions. While hosting a summer garden party might feel like a stretch for tighter spaces, you can still create a social feel with a small coffee table to gather round or side tables for resting drinks.

Inspired by our indoor-outdoor rattan benches, we love the thought of transforming balconies or leafy window areas into loungey garden rooms layered with soft cushions and throws. Reconnecting your home to nature all year round, even when outdoor space is limited.

Garden room ideas with potsPLANT SMALL

The thought of creating an outdoor haven abuzz with flora and fauna no doubt fills the soul with joy. But when it comes to small garden ideas, this can feel somewhat unachievable. The trick? Compact plant varieties.

There are all sorts of micro herbs, spray flowers and low-growing shrubs. This way, you can ensure that your outdoor sanctuary remains manageable, with room for you to move around comfortably.

Equally, our bird feeders are perfect for welcoming in wildlife and teaching little ones about the seasons.


Lighting your garden not only sets the scene – it also creates the illusion of more space. Masters of illumination, mirrors cast light in and open up smaller gardens. Experiment with different shapes and sizes within the shadier spots to bring them to life.  

Budget small garden ideas with basket planterGARDEN IN POTS

A common myth is that you need a generous plot to get growing. The green-fingered will know that you can sow an abundance of flowers and veggies in space-saving containers. Courgettes, tomatoes, chillies, and even potatoes happily flourish in pots.

For a garden in bloom, our baskets double-up beautifully as textured flower planters, sliding seamlessly onto window ledges or nooks that need a little love. 

Time to put our small garden ideas into action

From relaxing retreats to potted balconies, find your happy place with these small garden ideas. Tall, wide or narrow, there’s potential in every space.

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