Bringing nature in with biophilic design


Be it the curve of a petal or a tree’s verdant tones, nature not only brings beauty to our homes – it can also benefit how we feel in every moment. Carrying a sense of calm that connects us all. Otherwise known as biophilic design, here we share a few easy ways to emulate the natural world inside.   

Bring the beauty of nature into your home

What is biophilic design?

Simply put, biophilic interior design is the art of bringing the outdoors in. Since nature has been proven to nurture wellbeing, biophilia is the idea that we are inherently drawn to nature – it’s always been a part of us. So, by deep-rooting your home with natural elements – such as organic shapes, materials and hues – you can create a more comfortable, tranquil environment.

Benefits of biophilic design


Our indoor spaces have become increasingly important in providing a sense of comfort, relaxation and rejuvenation. It comes as no surprise that surrounding oneself with nature and other life forms improves wellbeing. Research shows that incorporating natural elements into your living space can calm the nervous system and relax stress levels.


Letting in more natural light can help regulate our internal clocks, making for energised days and restful nights. From sunny mornings to summer’s balmy evenings, it’s these simple pleasures that have been proven to encourage our natural rhythms.

Inspired by he seasons, all our designs are rooted in nature


It’s no secret that a clear, considered workstation is essential for staying focused. And yet, it’s the natural touches (be it botanical artwork or planters) that can truly unlock productivity. Welcoming in the great outdoors has been shown to boost creativity, allowing you to stay inspired all year round.

How to bring nature in


A quick and easy first step is, of course, adding plants. To encourage a continuous flow from outdoors in, layer greenery at various heights, from your entrances to everywhere in between. Pots made from ceramics are perfect for bringing in organic textures. For perennially luscious plants, opt for low-maintenance evergreens like cacti, spider plants or Monstera. 

We can’t talk of the great outdoors without paying homage to nature’s beautiful blooms. Cost-effective and long-lasting, arrange garden cuttings with faux flowers in vases to echo the seasons rhythms. Start by spiraling hardier foliage, then layer with blossom, berries and larger florals.

Garden cuttings are a quick and effective way to bring nature in

oak furniture, natural wood grain, The Cotswold Company


From forest to furniture, wood is nature’s true storyteller. Flowing with knots and grains that tapestry each tree’s history, wood furniture gives a comforting nod to our rambling landscapes.

Deep oaks, powdery ash, honey-hued acacia; we use a range of finishes to enhance our timber’s characterful patinas. Sustainably sourcing each piece and using traditional carpentry methods to ensure it lives on as part of your home for many years.


Illuminating the home instantly reconnects us to the outside world. Whether you have skylights or a sunny window, make the most of your home’s natural light by creating comfort in brighter areas. This could be as simple as moving your armchair to where the sun sets, so you can savour the last embers of daylight. Or hanging mirrors in smaller rooms to reflect more light inside. As the twilight hours draw in, lamps and candlelight can resemble the peaceful glow of sunbeams.

Layer natural textures in subtle tones for a calm, cohesive feel


Verdant grasslands, July’s azure skies, autumn’s russet-toned leaves; the colours of nature are universally associated with restoration and calm. Greenery evoking notions of positivity and growth, blues; our peaceful shorelines, browns; the soil we walk on. With such a spectrum to choose from, simplicity is key.

Known as ‘tonal layering’, select two to four natural colours and weave their varying hues across each room. When layered against soft neutrals, the earthy undertones can then sing in tune with your palette. Bringing together shades of nature in harmony for a balanced and relaxing feel.

Due to their soothing nature, neutrals allow you to be more playful with texture – an essential part of biophilic design. From wicker baskets and floral prints to pure cotton linens, natural materials and patterns help to link themes while reminding us of being outdoors.

Be inspired by nature

Whether you’re starting from scratch or attempting to add a touch of nature to your existing décor, biophilic design principles will help you to create an inviting and calming environment in your home.

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