Love every corner: Transforming smaller spaces


Every home has a different story to tell, but it’s often the humble corners that make it unique. Frequently overlooked as awkward or too cramped, it’s time to make the most out of these hidden crevices. From utility room ideas to clever hallway storage, here we share how transforming smaller spaces can bring new purpose to your home.

transforming smaller spaces laundry room home décor
Transforming smaller spaces | When it comes to small laundry room ideas, it’s all about storing upwards, rather than out


Once a cubby for stashing odd socks and unsightly mops, it only takes a little organisation to create an elegant yet practical utility room or cupboard. When choosing utility room storage, opt for narrow cabinetry with a small footprint so you can move around comfortably. Tallboys or single larders provide a compact mix of drawers and shelves. This way, you can store linens or tea towels directly from the dryer and away from the kitchen. Reserving the heart of the home solely for gathering family and friends. Inexpensive woven laundry baskets also bring depth and warmth to the area’s functional purpose. Equally, hooks make lightweight alternatives to utility room shelving; making use of wall space without taking over. 


Allow the cosier corners of your living room to flourish as cushioned retreats reserved for hunkering down. Take the time to find an armchair and foot stool in a fabric that will make your existing themes sing. Tall, small or wide, bookcases  come in many sizes and make a comforting backdrop of cherished novels and colourful book spines. Even open alcoves have potential to create warmth and familiarity. Pop in a few shelves to display emblems of family life together with ambient lanterns and candleholders. For a snuggly embrace, finish with plenty of throws, cushions and layers of mood lighting. 

transforming smaller spaces upholstery home décor
Talbot  armchair | Our upholstery comes in over 45 fabrics, so you can personalise your cosy corner to suit your home


Repurpose landings and hallways as places to lend a hand with storing miscellaneous items. Streamlined consoles offer a welcome hideaway in one neat spot. A favourite of ours for adding texture – slide rustic baskets beneath table legs to bundle extras inside. Finally, don’t forget to breathe in a sense of life with hanging frames, cheerful blooms in vases and light-enhancing mirrors. 

transforming smaller spaces hallway home décor
Transforming smaller spaces | Make the most of your entire floor space by sliding storage baskets neatly beneath console tables


With sloping angles and limited headspace, it’s easy to take under stair space for granted. In fact, these handy alcoves are most often nestled beside your home’s entrance and can help play a part in creating a warm first impression. Stash, fold or stack; it’s all about finding discrete storage. Shoe benches – such as our Chester Dove Grey design – are great for concealing muddy boots and other outwear. Topped with soft cushioning, they also offer a comfy perch to kick off your shoes or prepare for the day ahead. Scarves, hats and umbrellas can feel a little chaotic when piled high on hooks. Try hanging them inside a tote bag alongside a careful selection of coats to keep the look clean. If you have especially narrow stairs, it’s worth considering a sleek shoe cupboard with minimal fuss.

transforming smaller spaces home office décor
Chester Charcoal double pedestal desk | Hidden desk compartments and fold-away drawers allow you to disconnect from work when the day is done


With more of us working from home, the need for an efficient and inspiring desk space has never been greater. Yet, having a whole office to yourself is often a luxury for most of us. Whatever rhythm you work to, storage-rich corner desks with slide-out keyboard drawers see potential in every crevice. Here at The Cotswold Company, we’re having a writing bureau revival. Not only for their good looks but namely for their ability to upgrade neglected areas throughout the home into motivational zones that pack away neatly when the day is done. Furrow stationery within their shelves, then neatly fold up beside a supportive office chair. It’s scientifically proven that nature improves our wellbeing and creativity. So, why not add artwork of landscapes and low-maintenance houseplants for a healthy nod to the outdoors?

kitchen larder organisation
Stow Warm White single larder | Organise your pantry or kitchen shelves with plenty of labelled jars and containers


The social hub of any home, a kitchen deserves storage that can nurture the bustle of busy, family life. Maximise space and free up worktops by filling tall cubbies with slim larders. Keep herbs to hand in their convenient door racks while preserving an orderly interior with discrete containers. You can even lay tableware safely in their drawers, ready for special occasions. If your kitchen is on the tighter side, shaker cupboards or farmhouse shelves packed with coordinating jars and cookbooks do just the job. Making those habitual morning coffees and daily cooking routines a little easier.  

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