Made to last: Our Signature Cotswold Quality


We’ve been bringing homes to life for over 25 years, with the highest quality craftsmanship at the heart of all our furniture. We pride ourselves on combining traditional woodworking techniques, modern innovation and the finest materials to provide you with our Signature Cotswold Quality. Our promise is simple, to make beautiful designs that are built to last.   

Elkstone Oak│ Above all, we know our customers value quality furniture

“What makes our furniture stand out is the balance between quality and value,” shares Tom Attwood, Product Technical Manager here at The Cotswold Company. “Where others use screws and cam locks, we use artisan carpentry joints; where they use chipboard, we use solid timber or engineered wood; and where others use paint effects, we use traditional painted finishes – all for the same price.” Each element is individually crafted using a range of specialised methods to maximise the strength and longevity of our overall designs.


Our frames are handmade from solid wood to ensure the structure delivers complete robustness. From forest to furniture, solid wood lives on and adjusts with your home through time. It acclimatises to changes like temperature and lighting. Heirlooms of tomorrow, our furniture can therefore stand strong and grow with you for generations.


Trusted for centuries as the most robust joinery methods, our skilled carpenters use two main techniques – mortise and tenons and Dovetails. “We use solid wood in the carcass of our furniture together with mortise and tenon joints, to give our products stronger bones,” continues Tom. Mortise and tenons are comprised of a ‘tongue’ and ‘slot’ structure. They offer a larger surface area – in comparison to dowels for example – that boosts the bind of the overall piece. 

Carpenters have used mortise and tenons for centuries due to their unwavering strength and durability

The ultimate sign of true craftsmanship, we use Dovetail joints in almost all our drawers. “A Dovetail is a fan shape that’s cut and slotted back together. This means it can only be pulled apart in one direction. As a result, it is incredibly hard for a drawer front to fall off when pulled, which is a common issue with cheap construction,” Tom explains.

Kingscote Forest Green │For over 25 years we’ve been using our customer’s feedback to develop and improve every detail of our furniture


It’s the rich and lasting finish that defines so many of our pieces. “Our paint process has naturally developed over time. We’ve listened to customer feedback and made continual improvements,” says Tom. “Firstly, we hand or UV spray our A-grade primer on for a super smooth seal. Our team then applies two layers of highly protective undercoat, followed by a topcoat made up of premium pigments.”

We realise that bumps and grazes on furniture are an inevitable part of family life. To help minimise this, we colour match our undercoats. “If the upper layer becomes damaged, it’s far less noticeable because the same colour is underneath,” Tom says. “On some of our premium ranges, we apply an additional layer of clear lacquer, which also aids the finish’s durability.” 


As wood specialists, we feel it’s only right to use the highest quality timbers. Every piece is hand-selected to suit each part and product. Depending on the wood, we leave it to dry naturally or use traditional kilns to form the toughest timber possible. From the hand-waxed finish that brings out Oakland’s natural grain to Chantilly’s smooth poplar frames that are perfect for painting, it’s all about nurturing the wood’s unique properties for us.   

Solid_wood_quality furniture
We only use responsibly sourced wood that is fully traceable to its forest of origin

We use real wood veneers and high-grade engineered wood in construction elements where using solid timber would cause quality issues. This includes thinner surfaces and panel infills. “They are much more stable materials for these areas and prevent cracking and warping,” Tom says. Our hybrid mix of materials reduces the risk of ageing, making for furniture that remains beautiful throughout its whole lifespan.

Chester Charcoal │ Carpenters have used Dovetail joints for centuries due to their unwavering strength and durability

With years of research behind us, we have developed perfectly crafted drawers that are built to withstand the test of time. For the ultimate strength and endurance, our signature drawers combine Dovetail joints, extra corner supports, a strong base and wooden stoppers for extra stability. Finally, we apply either a paint or lacquer finish internally and externally to keep the entire surface protected.

For more information on how we strive to source our materials responsibly, you can read our Sustainability Pledge. You can also follow us on Instagram to stay up to date with our latest designs.

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