Sustainability Pledge
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Sustainability Pledge

Our pledge to you

Being firm believers in longevity, we are always striving to create furniture and homeware designs that are timeless, effortless and thoughtful. Products that will have a familiar and much-loved place in your homes for many, many years.

We want to ensure we are taking this same care and consideration at every point of the sourcing journey too – from the materials we choose for each piece to the relationships we build with our factories and suppliers.

We recognise it is the small steps we make now that can leave the biggest impact when it comes to sustainability. We also know you, our customers, are keen to play your part and expect the same commitment of us. While we have been working hard to improve our footprint behind the scenes, we have also taken time to reflect and to consider how we can be doing more. This is just the beginning of a journey for us and we remain wholeheartedly committed to doing and being better.

We wanted to share our journey with you so far, together with our plans for the not-too-distant future:

Our Materials

The materials we use play a big role in this journey and in our promise.

Responsibly sourced timber is the most sustainable material for building furniture, and we make sure we trace all timber back to its forest of origin. Although this is a legal requirement, it is a moral one for us too and one we remain dedicated to. We ensure all forest operators, sawmills and lumber merchants are licenced and operating legally to ensure there are negligible risks of illegal timber entering our supply chain.

All of our MDF wood is responsibly sourced with 45% currently FSC certified. An FSC certification is an important certificate provided by the Forest Stewardship Council, an international non-profit organisation established in 1993. Being FSC certified shows that a business complies with the highest international social and environmental sourcing standards. By the end of 2022, we are aiming to use 100% FSC MDF wood.

We understand how vital woodland creation is to the UK. Not only does it help to mitigate climate change, but woodlands offer cleaner rivers and air, sustainable timber, new habitats and flood mitigation. While trees do take time to grow, many of the benefits mentioned above begin to accrue immediately. Playing our role in woodland creation is a big focus and so from 2021 we will be planting over 100,000 trees every year, with more than half of these in the UK: offsetting over 20,000 tonnes of CO2. We are also working hard to improve our methods for collecting accurate carbon generation data and to better understand what more we can do to set ourselves an even bigger goal.

These steps are just the beginning though and we are working hard to decide what more we need to do over the coming years.

Our Packaging

You have told us while you want your products to reach you in perfect condition, you are concerned about seeing too much packaging, especially polystyrene. We have listened to this feedback and are working hard to ensure that as much of our packaging is recyclable as possible; whilst still ensuring each and every order arrives safely and securely to your homes. It’s a big task, but one we’re excited to start rolling out.

By the end of 2022, we will be moving to 100% FSC certified cardboard packaging.

We are also on track to eliminate all polystyrene from our packaging by the end of 2022. This has been a big focus for us this year and we are happy to report that we are currently taking the first small, but steady, steps to making this happen.


We are aware of the impact delivering furniture can have too, which is why we choose to deliver each customer order in one single journey, so all products arrive at the same time. This is not only more convenient, but it means we undertake less courier journeys too.

We currently ensure all the packaging we collect from customers stays clear of landfill sites. Instead, we reuse and recycle the cardboard and compact the polystyrene for other uses. Unfortunately, due to COVID guidelines, we haven’t been able to recover as much packaging from our customers lately, but we look forward to reintroducing this when it is safe to do so.

Energy Management

We are also looking at ways to reduce our energy consumption – currently our UK warehouses are going through a refit program to install low energy consumption lighting.

As our sustainability journey continues, we will of course keep you updated, together with any new projects, plans or promises we are working on.

Black Friday 2020

This Black Friday, we’ve decided to do something a little different…

We recognise it is the small steps we make now that can have the biggest impact when it comes to sustainability. We want to help, to do our bit and make a lasting impression. This is just the beginning of a journey for us and we remain wholeheartedly committed to doing and being better.

Rather than holding a sale this Black Friday, we’ve taken the opportunity to give something back. For every order placed with us between 26th – 30th November*, we'll be buying a tree dedication on your behalf, that you can gift to someone special.

*Every order placed from 5pm on 26th November to midnight on 30th November. You’ll have until 7th December to redeem your dedication. Only one dedication per customer.