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Writing Bureaus

A writing bureau is an ideal alternative for those prone to a messy desk. They offer the same convenient space, except they can easily be drawn up and kept closed. Out of sight, out of mind, as they say. Hand made to last, all our writing bureaus are covered by our 15-year guarantee.

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Our writing desk bureaus are perfect for a home office space, whether you work from home or need a space to go through day-to-day life admin. They offer an abundance of storage for documents and other office essentials, with cupboards, drawers and shelves allowing you to make the space your own.

Our Chester Dove Grey and Oakland bureaus fold down to reveal their storage and writing spaces, while the Chester Dove Grey Hideaway Home Office looks like a cupboard, but has door-mounted storage, adjustable shelves and a sliding desk surface. Or why not try our Light Oak writing desk, which appears to be a standard chest of drawers until you open up the top.

However you prefer to work, there’s a sophisticated writing bureau for you in our collection.