Five expert home office ideas from Interior Designer, Hannah Simmons


Hannah Simmons, Interior Designer and StylistThis week Hannah Simmons, interior designer, stylist and creative consultant with a career spanning over 20 years, shares with us her top home office ideas for enhancing your work-from-home environment. Hannah’s distinctive design ethos utilises the five senses to nurture both wellbeing and productivity in the home.

pictures, picture frames, home office decor
Add in your favourite piece of artwork to stay inspired


Allow your eyes a welcome break from screens and surround yourself with visuals that delight.

‘Think about the colours you are drawn to, those that create a sense of calm or happiness,’ explains Hannah.

‘You may opt for a neutral palette, or perhaps a bold colour on a wall is what you need to kick start your day.

Add in your favourite piece of artwork to stay inspired.’ Hannah also advocates task lighting as the best option to illuminate your workplace.


A salient antidote to our modern lives where screens and virtual reality are ever present, the sense of touch is a grounding influence.

Hannah advises that, ‘Even if you’re hot desking at the kitchen table, don’t forget to add a cushion or sheepskin to bring cosiness and comfort to a supportive office chair.

And to boost creativity, consider utilising your sense of touch by using textural boards to pin up inspiration images.’

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Stay hydrated and refreshed with a warming drink or cooling glass of water in your favourite mug or tumbler


When you’re busy at work it can be all too easy to let self-care slip, rushing down a quick lunch at your desk or forgetting to drink enough water.

‘Stay hydrated and refreshed with a warming drink or cooling glass of water,’ says Hannah.

And endeavour to find joy in even the smallest everyday moments, by ensuring you’re sipping from your favourite mug or tumbler.

Add slices of lemon, cucumber or herbs for a touch of freshness.


‘Even if you don’t have a dedicated office, try and choose a tranquil space to collect your thoughts and allow you to focus. I like to have a favourite playlist on in the background while I’m working to uplift and add ambience,’ explains Hannah.

Music is very personal, so experiment with genres to achieve the intended result. If external sounds are creating a jarring or stressful atmosphere, you could even consider investing in soundproofing to block out unwanted background noise.

candle, home fragrance, tabletop, homewares, home accessories
Daily rituals such as having a candle burning offer a touch of calming luxury during daily tasks


Smell is most closely tied to our memory and therefore the most evocative of all the senses.

Use it during the working day to focus, relax or energise. Hannah suggests that, ‘daily rituals such as having a candle burning, or some palo santos to cleanse the room will offer a touch of calming luxury during daily tasks.’

After you’ve closed your laptop it can be helpful to punctuate the end of the day by taking a walk in the fresh air or dropping your favourite essential oils into your bath or a diffuser.

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