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We spoke to Jen from the beautiful Instagram account, crack_the_shutters, who has shared her ideas for updating your home with accessories and easy decor changes to create a happier home. During times like these, perhaps more than ever, it really is the smallest things that can matter the most and make the biggest difference.


Our Clover Buttoned Coffee Table

It goes without saying that we are living through some pretty challenging times, with a significant amount of stress and worry affecting us all in some way. We are all spending the vast majority of time indoors and it is now more important than ever that our homes help to lift our mood and make us feel more positive.

The impact that décor and furnishings can have on your mood is indisputable and for me, there are a few key aspects that always serve to make me feel more positive.

#1 Soft Furnishings


Our Martha Pom Pom Throw

Soft furnishings, such as rugs, throws and cushions play a vital role in making a house feel like a home. They add texture, pattern and interest to a space and provide an element of cosiness that in turn, evokes a feeling of security and relaxation.

Adding a chunky throw – like our Martha Pom Pom in Blush Pink – to a sofa whilst enjoying a Netflix binge or a textured rug to sink your bare feet into when climbing into bed can add that feeling of comfort and warmth we all need to lift our mood.

#2 Soft Lighting


Our Alba Lamp | Image: peartreecottagelife

Having the right lighting in a home is key to creating an uplifting space. Our home has lamps in pretty much every corner and creates far softer and cosier lighting than having the main light on. Having a good mix of floor lamps and table lamps allows for different heights and aspects of a room to be lit and gives a sense of warmth and calm.

A single intense light source can be very harsh and definitely does not promote the relaxation we all need right now! Opt for low wattage bulbs to give the inviting warm glow that every room needs.

#3 Using Colour


Shop Living Room

The effect of colour on our moods is well researched and extends far beyond our homes and décor. Employing the use of particular colours and tones in décor and furnishings can have a significant impact on feelings of wellbeing and positivity.

Pastel shades have been consistently popular throughout recent years and evoke a clean, spring-like feeling that can brighten a room and simultaneously lift a mood. New colour trends for 2020 continue to focus on pastels, but with added warmth and earthy undertones that help you to feel more connected to nature and have a very calming effect.

This year also sees a shift away from colder colours such as cool greys and blues towards warm neutrals and organic tones – again adding warmth and positivity to a space. Colour can be added to a home not only through paint and décor but also through soft furnishings, floral touches and accessories.

#4 Organised Spaces = Organised Minds


Large Lined Wicker Basket

It goes without saying that in order to feel positive and upbeat you need to minimise the stress that you’re feeling. Personally, when my home is organised and tidy my levels of stress reduce. I love nothing more than everything being in its right place and having plenty of storage solutions is the key to this. I love large wicker baskets for versatile storage – not only do they look great but they are so useful for all of those cushions and throws (or kids’ toys if you’re like me!)


Rope Handled Basket

Again the use of wicker for storage adds an earthy element to a space, providing texture and interest to your storage.

Larger storage solutions are also important and for me, you can’t beat a beautiful bookcase – perfect to store and display books that are an essential to any home but also provide plenty of shelves for styling.


Our Burford Ivory Grand Bookcase

Is there any better way to lift your mood than having a good faff with a shelf display?!


A big thank you to Jen for sharing her tips on how to create a happier home. Head over to to view our beautiful range of home accessories if you’ve been inspired to make a few updates of your own!

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