Eccelectic bedroom, white furniture, vintage frames, ladder, vtinage books, dream bedroom

All White!…Keep Painted Furniture Looking Peachy Keen


Eccelectic bedroom, white furniture, vintage frames, ladder, vtinage books, dream bedroom

Introducing white furniture is a great way of encouraging light into a room and brightening up your surroundings, but we can all get a little fearful about retaining its sharp, pristine look over a long period of time. We’ve realised there’s no need to waste time being a worry wart, just stick to these 3 failsafe tips and your white furniture will stay brilliant for a lifetime!

White wardrobe, white bedroom furniture, dream bedroom

#1 Be Protective

The main thing to remember above all else, if you’re an owner of painted furniture is to be protective. It doesn’t mean you have to wrap it up in cotton wool but it does mean you need to be a little more considerate when you’re going about your daily chores…

White furniture, white bedroom furniture, cactus, botanical bedroom

If like us, you’re keen on displaying plants, pictures and other paraphernalia, try to use coasters and placemats where possible. Check any items you’re placing on the furniture (this goes for any wooden furniture really) and ensure there are no sharp objects that could dig into the paintwork. If you have something you love but find it has a bit of a rough bottom, pick up some furniture pads and stick them beneath. They’re an inexpensive and discrete way of making something less harmful to your furniture.

White furniture, white chest of drawers, white bedroom furniture

Avoid spilling acidic liquids on your paint surface, most things are fine if you wipe them off straight away, but left over time this could cause some unwanted damage to the top layer of paint.  There are multiple layers on every piece of painted furniture we produce, which make it incredibly durable, but if you have something acidic or acetone based, like nail polish remover, for example, it’s best to be a little more cautious.

White wardrobe, white furniture, vintage wallpaper, dream bedroom

No furniture likes to be butted up against a radiator. Wood is a natural breathing thing, so bursts of heat and cold on repeat are not preferable. Keep your furniture in an area with a moderate temperature, so that it can relax into its surroundings nicely, without getting hot under the collar!

White furniture, white sideboard, dining, kitchen, home

#2 Keep Squeaky Clean

One thing that all our customers love about White Furniture is the abundance of light it reflects and the clean, glistening feeling it brings to any property. To ensure that this look is maintained it’s good to regularly go over painted furniture with a clean damp cloth. You may not even realise it’s needed, but a regular wipe will remove any fingerprints or dirty marks that might be dulling down the vibrancy of your furniture. If you’re finding certain marks a little more stubborn to remove, white spirit is great at cutting through grime and clearing straight down to the paintwork without harming it.

White furniture, white wardrobe, wooden floor, leather bag, leather shoes

Be careful when Hoovering around the base of your furniture. We’re often in a hurry while we’re whizzing around with the vacuum but just a bit of care while you’re close to any furniture will pay off in the long run.

White sideboard, white dining furniture, kitchen

#3 Erase & Rewind

If you ever do manage to get a scrape, knock or dent in your furniture, this is far from the end of the world. There’s always time for a little smoke and mirrors to take your piece back to its former glory…

White clock, white furniture, retro clock

For small dents or scuffs, it’s best to fill the area in order to regain a smooth, flat surface once more. All good DIY stores will be able to provide you with a wood filler that’s incredibly easy and simple to use…

White bedroom furniture, blue typewriter, grey walls

When you’ve patched up the sore spot, you can cover the wood filler with a white paint to make the mark even more discreet. For best results, we’ve found that a white spray works very well for small touch ups. You can find white sprays online, in DIY stores or from most art suppliers…

White furniture, white sideboard, white dining furniture


Always test the paint on an area of the furniture that won’t be seen, just to ensure you’re happy with the colour match. If you’re still not feeling 100% confident with it, try spraying a little into some tissue and rubbing it into the damaged area. This will work much like an eraser and your mark should disappear!

White furniture, white wardrobe, wooden floor, succulents, roses, craspedia, eucalyptus

For even more styles of white furniture to add to your collection, take a look at all of our White Furniture ranges here.

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