Picnic Pies…Our Favourite Recipes For An Outdoor Feast


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The days are warming up and there’s nothing like celebrating the good weather than heading to a beach or the nearest park, blanket under your arm and equipped with a picnic basket full of food and drink. It’s hard to beat the sense of adventure when picking the perfect spot and feasting in the great outdoors. We think this perfectly British pastime must be complemented with food fit for the occasion, and what could be more British and practical, than the humble pie. We’ve searched the virtual recipe books and pulled together just a few of our favourite recipes to inspire you to get creative and accompany your next excursion with the perfect picnic pie…

Picnic, Picnic basket, picnic pie, fruit, summer

If you’ve never tried a Breakfast Pie before, its a special thing to behold in either the summer or winter months. Unlike a traditional pie it’s not encased in pastry but the baking of the egg, the starchy potatoes and filling inside enable it to hold its shape perfectly. This little gem cut into triangles, and wrapped in a napkin, would make a wonderful outdoor treat, particularly if you’re having a picnic brunch.


Jamies picnic pie
Photo Credit; jamieoliver.com


This vibrant picnic pie, gives you the ‘wow factor’ as soon as you cut into it. Its colourful layers reveal all of the ingredients and make it a feast for the eyes as well as the stomach. This recipe is a great option if you’re catering for vegetarians, or you’re just not sure who likes what meat. Jamie rarely gets it wrong and this beautiful pie will definitely impress if you’re cooking for a group.

Delias chicken and herb pies, picnic pie
Photo Credit; deliaonline.com

 Delia’s about as reliable as you can get when it comes to traditional cooking. She’s the ‘go to’ chef for the right pastry recipe, so following her lead on a pie filling is probably wise too. Her combination of sage, peppery sausage meat and deliciously succulent chicken are an absolute winner and if you get her pastry right, you’ll have the ultimate crusty casing too.


Ruby's picnic pie
Photo Credit; bbc.co.uk/programmes

Another good veggie option lifted straight from the set of the Great British Bake off; Ruby’s picnic pie showcased a modern approach to catering for vegetarians and came neatly presented in the shape of a hamper basket. This recipe is ideal if you want to impress your fellow outdoor diners with a bit of a showstopper!

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The guardian make an excellent case for the classic Gala as ‘king of all pies’ and we thought that a pork pie of some description should be nestled among our picnic pie selection. It’s certainly hard to resist a slice of a well-made Gala pie and it’s such an impressive thing to carve into and share.

Hastings Lemon Ketchup, Hastings, Ketchup
Photo Credit; hastingsketchup.co.uk

No picnic pie would be complete without a healthy dollop of something saucy to moisten the pallet and enhance the pie flavour. As a matter of importance, we recommend that one or all of the following should be part of your next picnicking excursion…

Some Proper Pickle from The English Provender Co, classic Piccalilli from Fortnum & Mason, Stokes Ketchup or go a little experimental and try Hastings Lemon Ketchup, it’s a revelation to the pallet, particularly with chicken and fish recipes.

Picnic, Picnic basket, picnic pie, fruit, summer, plants, picnic blanket, 3

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