Modern Country Living #10…The Oxford Sideboard


Oxford painted sideboard, kitchen storage, dream kitchen, painted furniture, wicker baskets, cup handles

The Oxford Painted Sideboard has become somewhat of a hero piece for us at The Cotswold Company. This versatile little unit would sit quite comfortably in a kitchen, dining or living space and you could even use it as extra bedroom storage too. Pictured here in our Cotswold Company home, it’s dressed ready to house your vegetables and cooking equipment in our rustic country kitchen.  We love this look and we’ve picked out just a few reasons why we think it’s the ideal piece for any modern country home.


Blackboard, kitchen, dream kitchen, dream home, shopping list, notice board,

Pull Out Storage

These deep wicker storage drawers are beautiful to look at but have a brilliantly practical purpose too. If you struggle with things getting lost at the back of a cupboard these handy drawers could answer your organisational prayers. The contents of each shelf can be pulled out easily so you can access everything from the front to the back of the unit.

Wicker backets, painted furniture, vegitables, veg storage, dream kitchen 

Heart Warming Wicker

There’s a fantastic balance to the overall look of this piece. The soft cream colour is beautifully broken up by the textures of the oak surface and the warmth of the woven wicker baskets. These beautifully deep drawers would make the perfect home for fruit and veg in a kitchen area or even bulky knitwear in a bedroom. They’re handmade and superbly robust, so they can take the strain of crockery and condiments if necessary.

Shopping list, blackboard, vegetables 

Styling – The Kitchen Blackboard

A blackboard is such a handy tool in the kitchen. A place to write notes, shopping lists and leave messages for the family. It’s so useful and can be such an asset to the overall look of the room. The one we’ve featured in our Cotswold Company home was created using some inexpensive blackboard paint and some wooden beading that can be found in any DIY store. The beading has been painted gold and then worked into with some sand paper and applied directly onto the wall around the black square. Simple, beautiful and so useful!

 Painted furniture, kitchen furniture, kitchen storage, dream kitchen

Drawer Space

The two top drawers of this piece are particularly useful is you’re using it as an addition to the kitchen or dining area. They make the perfect home for cutlery and utensils or even a stowaway for linens, table cloths and tea towels. Though compact in its form, this unit manages to give you plenty of organisational storage options, offering you those all important ‘places for everything’, so that everything can go in their place.

 Painted furniture, painted sideboard, blackboard, gold frame, dream kitchen, kitchen storage

Delicious Cream Finish

The clean cream finish of this sideboard is silky smooth, giving a chic edge to its otherwise rustic country look. The combination of the paint work and the texture of the wicker baskets give a calming balance to this little piece. Some cream furniture can be a little sickly, with hints of yellow or green in shade of paint, but our Oxford Range has a natural earthy tone to it’s pallet, which works beautifully well with the natural wicker baskets.

Cup handles, wicker baskets, painted furniture, vegitables, dream kitchen

Contemporary Cup Handles

Just one simple detail on a piece of furniture can change the overall look from something classic to something current. Here the contemporary cup handles in a polished metal finish elevate, what is a classically designed piece, into an asset to modern country living.

Blackboard, kitchen, dream kitchen, dream home, painted furnitire, kitchen storage 

Styling – Cocoanut Rug

Our neutral cocoanut rug has been a firm favourite in the Cotswold Company household for many years. Its rustic texture, and natural colour make it easy to accessorise with. Its incredibly robust, so it’s a great option for high traffic areas, like the kitchen or hallway. This rug complements Oxford ‘s shade of cream beautifully so if you’re thinking of investing in the Range, this could be the perfect ‘add on’ to complete the look.

If you love the style of this Sideboard, take a look at the full Oxford Range on The Cotswold Company website.

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