Cooking with the seasons: Rainbow chard & spinach tart 


Inspired by the rhythms of nature and how the changing seasons can refresh our spirits and our living spaces, we’re excited to be sharing our own collection of seasonal recipes that are simple to make at home. Created by Enrico Ramaglia, each recipe is inspired by the fruits and vegetables readily available at each given time of year, all to encourage us to make the most of what each season offers up in abundance.


The arrival of spring brings with it thoughts of locally grown artichoke and beetroot, radishes and rhubarb, sorrel and spinach.

So, in the first of our recipes for spring, we’re sharing how to make our Rainbow chard & spinach flaky pastry tart. Ideal for those early al fresco gatherings we’ll be enjoying with close friends and family soon.

Rainbow chard and spinach flaky pastry tart 

For the flaky pastry: 

225g of flour (wholemeal for added fibre and nutrition or white if you prefer) 

160g frozen butter 

Pinch of salt 

10tbs ice cold water 

Making your own pastry is actually super easy and turns out beautifully if you use a few tricks!   


Once you have weighed the flour, transfer it to a food processor and add the salt. Using the coarse side of a grater, grate the butter. Add 100g of the grated butter to the flour and, at high speed, incorporate it into the flour.


Now add the rest of the butter and use the pulse setting of the processor a few times making sure to leave some small lumps of butter. gradually add the water, still using the pulse setting.


Transfer the dough to a lightly floured surface and knead the mix into a ball. Use 5 or 6 movements of your hands at the most to prevent the dough from warming up in your hands too much and splitting the butter. Refrigerate for 1 hour.  


Grease a 10-inch tart dish and roll the dough to a 3-millimetre thickness overhanging it slightly (don’t worry about it looking messy) and blind bake at 180 degrees Celsius for 20 minutes and then for a further 5 minutes uncovered.  Allow the tart case to cool down. If you have any holes in the pastry case. Patch it up with some leftover pastry using egg white as glue.  

For the filling: 

1kg of rainbow chard 

200g of baby spinach  

250ml double cream 

3 eggs beaten 

150g mature cheddar 

Salt and pepper 

3 tablespoons of olive oil 


Wash and chop the chard into 1 inch slices. Heat up the oil in a frying pan and add the drained chards; season with salt and pepper and braise with a lid on for about 7 minutes.


Now add the washed and drained spinach and braise the spinach for about 2 minutes. Remove the vegetables from the heat and drain them using a sieve.


In a bowl, pour the double cream, eggs, seasoning, and ¾ of the cheese and mix well.  Then add the vegetables and incorporate them into the egg mixture.


Pour the mix into the pastry case and top it with the remaining cheese. Bake the tart at 180 degrees Celsius for about 20 minutes. 


Once ready, remove from the oven and allow to cool slightly for about 10 minutes, this will allow the tart to set and the flavours to develop. Serve with a salad of leaves, some carrot ribbons and your favourite dressing. 

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