Five Reasons To Fake It With Faux Flowers


“Early mornings. Cold fingers. Being a florist is hard work,” says Claire Morgan of Lewis Rose Flowers. “But I love it.” 

Every single bouquet is different and giving flowers to people always makes them smile.” Claire’s way with flowers is loose and organic. She uses native English garden flowers and plays around with colour, texture and natural shapes and forms.  

Faux Flowers add a beautiful finishing touch to any room with minimal effort. Those in the know are already faking it and, with Cotswold Company’s impossible-to-tell artificial flowers paired with our vases, you can too. “Mix with real blooms for a chic home-styling trick”, says florist Claire Morgan. Read on to find out why faux flowers are having a moment… 

Claire Morgan of Lewis Rose Flowers1. Perfect Pick-Me-Up

Whilst nobody can deny the beauty of a freshly cut bunch of flowers, our faux blooms are so realistic, they lend a natural element to any space and can help bring positivity to your décor. As well as the mental health benefits of having greenery or a beautiful colour to look at in your home, artificial flowers can also be beneficial to physical wellbeing in terms of providing a great allergy free alternative for hay fever sufferers

So your faux flowers look like the real thing, but how can you make them smell like the real thing? There are all sorts of potions and perfumes on the market, even suggestions of hidden tumble dryer sheets, to create a convincing fresh bouquet smell. Claire says, “you can use artificial flowers but add seasonal foliage to create the scent. A secret florist tip is to break a couple of hidden eucalyptus leaves or rub rosemary sprays in your hands to release their wonderful fragrance.”

2. Flowers That Last A Lifetime

Artificial blooms are incredibly good value compared to real flowers that have a limited lifespan and can be costly. Because faux flowers will last forever, they are often the perfect choice for wedding flowers. They are also very robust and durable, so will not ever deteriorate in the sun, nor freeze in cold weather.

Cotswold Company artificial flower arrangement3. Sustainable Stems

About 90% of cut flowers bought in the UK are imported. With the vast majority grown in heated greenhouses in the Netherlands, large amounts of CO2 are released. With the effects of transportation, packaging and the use of pesticides on the environment, are fake flowers better for the environment? 

Florist, Claire, works with seasonal flowers and foliage to ensure minimal flower miles in real flower arrangements. “However, artificial flowers are a good sustainable option as they can last a lifetime – lots of brides ask for them for this reason.” Reusability is an important factor in living sustainably and faux flowers certainly tick this box versus real flowers that will wilt after just a few days. 

4. Easy To Arrange

With no mess from pollen or falling petals, faux flowers are ideal for beginners to get creative. Choose three or four different types of flowers that complement each other in colour and shape and start to layer up with three stems from each flower, spread out evenly in the vase. 

To create a convincing arrangement with faux flowers, style and bend each individual stem before adding them to the vase. Remember to stand back often to look at your arrangement from different angles, to make sure it looks even.

When arranging artificial with real flowers, work with a natural colour palette. “Green and white is a classic. Try spray roses or a spray of daisies with lots of foliage to add density. Lovely pink peonies (Peony Stem ‘Real Touch’ Pink 888.046 £16) are fantastic, too,” says Claire. Choosing a Cotswold Company bottle-neck or a tall hurricane vase will support your display. (Top Tip: the height of the stems should be at least double that of the vase.)

Cotswold Company antique cream hydrangea stem, faux flowers
Antique Cream Hydrangea Stem – £8
5. Minimal Maintenance 

Avoid the frustration of not being particularly green-fingered or having the time to maintain a plant. Artificial flowers are virtually maintenance free, with no trimming and watering required or worrying about spilt soil or fallen pollen on your furniture. 

Pick between purple agapanthus and delicate dahlia stems or mini daisy sprays and giant hydrangeas to create your own artificial flower bunch or choose a meadow floral bouquet for wildflower styling.

For advice on how to clean artificial flowers, simply use a clean, damp microfibre cloth to gently wipe off any dust, then simply arrange your in a vase and admire your home as it effortlessly glides into summer.  

We would love to see your artificial flower bouquet creations!

Share your faux flower arrangements with us on Instagram using the #cotswoldco hashtag. 

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