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We put a lot of thought into buying new furniture. It is a considered purchase, one that we have been looking at and researching for a number of weeks, months or even years in order to find ‘the perfect one’. That one chest of drawers that fulfils all our storage needs, or a kitchen island that completes a recent makeover and provides the perfect pew to sit and enjoy breakfast or prepare dinner. We take our time deciding, and that’s a good thing.

Buying a new piece of furniture should take time. It should be pored over and deliberated. While one piece may be bought simply to serve a purpose – a TV cabinet, for example – others may take a little more thought; like a dining table or freestanding kitchen larder. While we may not often associate the word, ‘timeless’ with furniture – perhaps we think of it more in terms of a classic navy suit or a black handbag – we feel rather passionate about this term. Our furniture is not throw-away, transient or purely trend-led, it is carefully designed and beautifully hand-crafted. It is designed with real homes in mind. It is built to be durable – to ensure it has a home in your home for many, many years to come.

When it comes to buying furniture then, what’s worth the investment?

~ Bed ~


It’s true that we spend a large proportion of our time in bed. We take our time finding the perfect mattress, so a bedframe deserves the same dedication. Whilst it may not directly affect our sleeping pattern, knowing you have an elegant space for your slumber certainly helps to promote it. It’s almost like an innate feeling, that if we like the room we’re spending time in, you’re more likely to relax and wind down.

From our Middleton Metal Beds – available in both black and white – to our beautifully upholstered Morris Beds, we have a wide selection of beds to choose from.

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~ Kitchen Dresser ~


Kitchen dressers certainly come under the category of timeless furniture pieces. Seen in both country kitchens and contemporary studio flats, a kitchen dresser provides a wealth of storage for treasured ceramic dining collections, everyday kitchenware and beloved antique dining sets handed down through generations. A timeless piece of furniture to hold timeless, meaningful collections.

Kitchen Dressers

~ Kitchen Larder ~


Much like the kitchen dresser, a kitchen larder – or pantry – is often deemed a bit of a dream kitchen item to own – something perhaps that is only for bigger or grander kitchens. We’ve combatted that assumption with our range of freestanding larders and pantries that come in a convenient narrow size too. Bursting with ample space for baking essentials, dry goods, pots and pans, this wonderfully timeless essential comes in a variety of colours too – so you’ll be sure to find one to complement your kitchen decor.

Kitchen Larders

~ Dining Table ~


Often referred to as the hub of the home, a dining table is a place for gathering. It bears the scrapes and scratches of family mealtimes, celebrations, late-night homework stints and long-forgotten memories. Beautifully handcrafted, our dining tables blend practicality with style; while many are extendable too so they’ll happily accommodate a growing family or impromptu social occasions, for many, many years to come.

Dining Tables

~ Sideboard ~


A worthy investment due to its versatility; a sideboard, once bought, can be placed almost anywhere in your home – size permitting! Initially, it may have been purchased for the living room or hallway, but if you fancy switching up your decor scheme and having a change around, a sideboard will still provide ample storage space in another room too. It is not like a bed which can only be moved between bedrooms, it has no fixed abode and so can be placed in any room where it’ll fit – the conservatory perhaps, or even the study.



For more timeless furniture, shop online or visit one of our beautiful stores.

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