7 Tips for Creating an Inspiring Space


At a time when feeling inspired can come and go in waves, we thought we’d share a few of the best ways to create somewhere in your home that is inspiring for different purposes, but remains comfortable and welcoming too.

So, from home office spaces to home schooling stations, bedroom nooks and small sanctuaries to read and relax; here are seven achievable ways to help you create your own happy and inspiring space this spring.

#1 Home schooling ideas

– Robyn from @the_house_acc – 

Robyn tells us, “It was important for us as a family to make a separate space for home learning.  This clearly defines work time and home/play time for our two boys.

If you have the space, a separate desk or even a breakfast bar offers the perfect separate space for home schooling duties. While our smaller, square dining tables offer a practical solution for smaller spaces. Easy to extend when needed, they can be slotted neatly into a corner when the school day is over too.

#2 Adding colour to your home

– Cherry from @dicksonvintage

“Injecting colour into your room will help boost your mood which you can achieve through wall colour, soft furnishings and accessories,” Cherry tells us. “Try to add a colour that pops against the main colour in your room, you do not need to use big items to achieve this. Just simply drape a throw, a colourful lamp or scatter a couple of cushions.”

We couldn’t agree more. Colour can be such a mood booster and really help in making a room or space feel more inspiring and welcoming. If you haven’t experimented with much colour before, try a muted painted feature wall like Cherry’s above.

If you’re feeling inspired by the start of spring, adding a pop of yellow, like our Yellow Beehive Throw or Stoneware Table Lamp, will bring a welcoming burst of colour to your living room or bedroom too.

#3 Creating a space to relax with accessories

– Elle from @elle_the_home_bird

“This bedroom is my absolute sanctuary at the moment! Its calming colours and cosy decor make it a very easy place to relax. I think it’s essential to have a space in your home that’s as clutter-free as possible; somewhere you can escape to when it all gets too much!” Elle reveals. 

We spoke about this in our 6 Storage Ideas for your Bedroom this Spring post, but having somewhere you feel content and cosy is so important at this time.

“I’ve used candles and throws – including the dusky pink Beehive Throw from The Cotswold Company,” Elle explains, “to create a sense of warmth and comfort. And any clutter is banished to under-the-bed storage.”

#4 Making the most of your outdoor space

– Jen from @crack_the_shutters

With the weather thankfully on our side, for the meantime at least, it means we can get out into the garden a little more and extend our living space. Jen has kindly shared some of her creative ideas for repurposing materials during this time to help inspire your outdoor space – whatever size you have.

“Use what you have around you to create new things – none of us can just pop to the hardware shops right now so it’s about creating new things from old. We built a pallet sofa and pallet bar for our garden and in the last few weeks have spent so many days and evenings enjoying them both.”

“Another top tip is about creating inviting outdoor spaces as they really are another room of the house that can be enjoyed day and evening!”

Even if you have a small patio space or balcony, creating your own outdoor sanctuary – somewhere you can sit and enjoy – can make all the difference.

#5 Beautiful reading nook ideas

– Rebecca from @homebytheloch

“We created a little reading nook in Eliza’s bedroom as a place where she can escape to during this time. My Large Storage Hamper from The Cotswold Company is being used as a side table for her books and tea. The nook itself is under a roof light giving her lots of natural warm light on these sunny days.”

Adding soft cushions and throws, together with warm lighting, can really help to personalise a reading nook too; making it somewhere you can sit back, relax and unwind, whatever your age.

#6 Adding interest – and a little magic

– Anna from @holly_oak_house

Anna has some lovely ideas for creating inspiring spaces for children at this time too – from displaying craft projects to adding a splash of colour.

“Use accessories, such as wall decor, art or a small piece of furniture to add interest and colour if you aren’t bold and just love a serene palette like me. I think these gold stars and beautiful Banbury Grey Bedside Table from The Cotswold Company do just that perfectly. In these unprecedented times I’m finding that a calm and relaxing space for my children is key.”

#7 A creative home office space

– Sarah from @hearts_at_claremont

“The saying is true, ‘tidy desk, tidy mind’. A workspace that is organised and clutter free will help you keep focused,” Sarah explains. “You can easily make a space more welcoming by adding some positive motivational quotes, some faux greenery and some fun accessories.

“Pretty stationery such as pens and notebooks can make such a difference to your productivity  too!”

We’ve also shared our ideas for creating an inspiring space to work in our guide to the perfect home office post.


We hope a few of these ideas for creating inspiring spaces in your home have proved useful. If you’re after a little more home inspiration and fancy a nosey into the beautiful homes of our customers, head over to our Home Tour Series here on The Cotswold Company Blog.

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