Four ways to create a happier home


In the second of our guest blogger series, the lovely Sarah from hearts_at_claremont shares her ideas for creating a happier home – and reducing stress in the process! From the power a vase of fresh blooms can bring to repurposing items around your home, these four easy-to-achieve tips are perfect now we’re all spending more time at home.

 #1 Clutter-free spaces 
Make sure you keep surfaces as tidy and clutter free as possible. Mess causes stress! Try to have a quick tidy round once a day to keep on top of it and make sure everything has its own place in the house. Give each person in the household their own tasks and responsibilities so it’s a team effort…Team Tidy! 

#2 Create a happy, homely feeling 
Add cosy homely touches like candles, fairy lights and fresh flowers to your home to instantly create a happy feeling. Lighting a few tea lights or candles creates a cosy hygge atmosphere that makes you feel relaxed.

#3 Create a cosy reading corner 
Reading is escapism. A cosy book nook is the perfect place to snuggle up and read. Reading a good book can take you to another place without even having to leave the house! You can use a comfy armchair, beanbag or cushions to tuck yourself away in a quiet corner. It’s a great way to take your mind off things and make you feel calm.

#4 Get creative! 
Look around your home and garden and think about what you could make or create with items you already have. You could make a wreath, fairy light lanterns from jam jars or simply snip a posy of flowers to pop in a jam jar to instantly add a pretty pop of colour to your home. There are all sorts of things you can make and do with a little imagination! 

If you’re looking to add a little modern country charm to your home this spring, but in need of a little inspiration, Rebecca from Home by the Loch shares her top tips for doing so. You can read her post here>

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