How To Add Vintage Country Charm To Your Home


A term we tend to associate with fashion, collectables and home interiors, the modern day meaning for vintage now holds many connotations and associations.

‘denoting something from the past of high quality, especially something representing the best of its kind.’

Our Malmesbury Painted collection oozes vintage charm

When we pair the word vintage with that of interiors, images of chintz fabric, distressed furniture and knick-knacks with a story to tell no doubt spring to mind. It’s important to note though that ‘vintage’ is incredibly subjective and utterly personal. We’re talking about it here in more of a rustic, country-inspired sense, but it can explore many different avenues from many different eras – which really is the beauty of it. One thing’s for sure, it is a style that relies heavily on originality and nostalgia to create a space that reflects and honours a bygone age. It is often charming, cosy and comfortable.


With the thought of creating a home filled with vintage charm, comes an important decision though: to hunt down those original vintage pieces or opt for more vintage-inspired items that still heavily evoke a particular era or style. Of course, it’s always possible to mix and match both options for a truly eclectic touch too.

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Sourcing, scouring, hunting and rifling through second-hand shops, car boot sales and flea markets for vintage items, although a romantic notion, can take both time and money. It’s always worth it when you stumble across a real bargain or an original item you’ve been longing to find (or if you thoroughly enjoy it!), but it’s important to note that with this increase in popularity for vintage interiors comes an inevitable inflation in price, so be sure to look around to find the best deal.

In the photo above, we’ve teamed our beautifully elegant Camille Limewash Oak Dressing Table with vintage props. Second-hand finds like these ceramic pots, enamel tins and hardback books are generally inexpensive and readily available from charity shops and flea markets. Sourcing small knick-knacks such as these can do wonders for creating a vintage-inspired room, especially if you prefer to invest in new furniture.

Don’t forget that our three stores offer an exclusive array of vintage-inspired accessories too – from ceramics to vases and linen cushions to baskets and jugs.

1. natural textures
Jute Flat Weave Rug | Cast Iron Doormat | Grey Kooboo Round Basket | Astrid Grey Lambswool Throw

Natural materials are one of the first things to consider when thinking about vintage interiors. Wood, enamel, wool and seagrass are all reminiscent of a bygone era which is why they’re brilliant textures to incorporate into your home. These woven fabrics also create a sense of rustic, country charm so they make the perfect finishing touch – and they’re wonderfully hard-wearing too.

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2. vintage-inspired shelving
Portobello Painted 6-Hook Rack | Meera Shelf Unit | Raw Oak Towel Ladder

If you’re looking to inject a little vintage charm, think about how you want to display your accessories and homewares, both second-hand and new, rather than simply storing them away to be forgotten in the cupboard. Pretty lace linens look lovely displayed on our towel ladder seen above, while hanging copper saucepans will add a traditional country kitchen feel. Both of these – together with embroidered tablecloths, traditional ticking stripe tea towels, wicker baskets and straw hats for example – are easy enough to find at local charity shops or car boot sales and will do wonders for evoking a vintage country feel.

Browse Kitchen AccessoriesWhite Marble Shelf | Rustic Wall Wine Rack | Irving Wall Rack

For a touch of French country charm, these metal, wooden and marble shelves are perfect for storing wine glasses, tumblers, dainty teacups or second-hand Kilner jars. Buying new, yet rustic, shelves and displaying vintage accessories perfectly champions a country vintage aesthetic.

3. pretty pastels

When it comes to colour, soft neutral tones tend to be associated with country and vintage interiors as they easily complement faded fabrics and wooden furniture. If you like the look of furniture that is distressed and worn, using subtle pastel shades will give the wonderful illusion of something that was once vibrant but has beautifully weathered over time. If you’re eager to give your home a vintage-inspired refresh, we think these colours from Farrow & Ball perfectly conjure up images of cottage walls, painted cabinetry and charming country kitchens.

L-R Calamine | Cornforth White | Lulworth Blue | Parma Gray | Teresa’s Green

 If you prefer to invest in pieces that have already been painted so you needn’t worry about digging out your paintbrush, we have beautiful ranges of painted furniture that will perfectly recreate that covetable rustic country scene.

4. beautiful displays
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Following on from the point above, if you prefer your furniture nice and new but still love the idea of injecting a little vintage charm into your home, then sourcing and investing in smaller vintage-inspired storage solutions to hold those nostalgic and everyday items will help to add a touch of originality without the need for investing too much time or money.

Recipe Book Stand | Vintage Wash-Up Tidy | Nettie Ceiling DryerLarge Vintage Storage Box

 To create a home that oozes vintage charm needn’t mean it must be a traditional country cottage or only be filled with ‘old’ furniture. There are many ways to inject a little nostalgia, and if anything, mixing old with new creates an equally welcoming, cosy and characterful home. The key, as with all things interiors, is to fill it with things you love.

  1. Just lovely displays and reading about it all.
    You always take the time to do this sort of thing and its much appreciated.
    Loving those pastel colours!.

    1. Wendy, thank you for taking the time to send such a lovely message. It’s wonderful to hear that you enjoy reading our blog!

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