How To Bring The Outside In



When it comes to this time of year, we tend to find ourselves spending less time in the great outdoors and more time inside, trying to keep warm. The days are shorter, the wind more blustery and the temperatures far less forgiving. We think a comfy perch beside the fire with a good book is a much more tempting alternative!

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Rather than waiting patiently for the daffodils to blossom as we look forward to the arrival of spring, why not utilise the beautiful blooms available at this time of the year and the pretty greenery that grows in your garden, by bringing it inside?


Not only can this help to banish those winter blues, but adding a little bit of greenery can also help to brighten up your home and add a wonderful uplifting botanical feel to each room too – perfect for those especially dreary days we experience in the depths of winter.

for the TABLE

Winter blooms coupled with greenery can make wonderfully simple and effective decorations for the dinner table. Make use of those seasonal red berry stems and add sprigs of holly and ivy to the bases of candlesticks for a more rustic decoration style. Vintage glass vases found at car boot sales and terracotta pots can help to add a little texture and variety when dotted around a table too.

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Bookcases are no longer only a safe haven for favourite reads – they also provide a wonderful storage solution for displaying your favourite things too. By incorporating a little greenery in amongst books, photographs and memorabilia, it helps to add a little more interest, depth and colour to your display. We think succulents and plants pair beautifully against the grain of our Montague Oak range.

in the KITCHEN


The main hub for many homes, bringing foliage in from the garden and adding a few houseplants can really help to bring your kitchen to life during these shorter seasonal days. For keen cooks, storing herbs in vintage tins and pots is not only convenient for preparation, but displaying culinary favourites like rosemary, chives or basil on the windowsill or kitchen dresser can really help to make an inexpensive and welcoming impression. Storing colourful root vegetables in wicker and wooden baskets adds a wonderful touch of rustic country charm too!

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This space provides a wonderful opportunity to display some of your favourite plants all year round. Tall tin vases and glass bottles can be used for storing a few stems from your garden or local florist – we love eucalyptus and blue thistles for these simple arrangements – while the mantelpiece provides the perfect spot for hanging plants, just like these String of Hearts.

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in the BEDROOM


A room for tranquillity, calm and rest, we know the importance of a peaceful and relaxing bedroom environment. That’s why we think our stunning Burford Painted collection works wonders as it pairs beautifully with the greens and pastel hues of garden blooms. During the winter season, the dark mornings can often leave us feeling deflated and unmotivated, so adding a selection of plants can really help to elevate a bedroom space by creating a welcoming sense of light and nature.

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for the OFFICE


A room typically dedicated to invoices, paperwork and storage, brighten it up a little by incorporating different shades of green, and dot with easy-to-manage potted succulents and a few stems of your favourite blooms for an instant refresh. A creative and bright space feels much more inviting to work in, especially during the seemingly long months of winter. Botanical prints are a great and effective way of incorporating nature inside the home too.

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Introducing a touch of nature inside your home needn’t all be green and luscious though, dried flowers and seasonal fruits can work wonders during these darker months. Plus, they’re a great alternative for the less green-fingered amongst us!

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