Interiors Inspiration: 3 Home Trends For 2020


As a new year rolls around, we start hearing about all the new trends we can expect to see gracing our favourite magazines, Pinterest boards and Instagram feeds. From fashion trends to home interiors, there are many that have simply evolved from previous years, others that we see time and time again and new ones that will divide opinion.

From colours to textures and home decor, it’s important to sift through the inevitable barrage of new trends that come through in order to see which ones might work in your home. Rule number one – never introduce a trend just because it’s ‘trendy’. Some will work and others won’t. Some you’ll love and others you won’t. You may only want to introduce one or two trends into your home this year – or none at all.

From new colour palettes to chintz fabrics, dried flowers and different textures to making more considered purchases – with a strong lean towards sustainably made furniture – the home interiors trends for 2020 have firmly established themselves for the year ahead. Although we’re only focusing on three here, there are so many more – from the subtle to the bold – that interior-lovers amongst us will be interested in; if only to take inspiration from them.

William Morris Cushion | Extra Large Basket | Compton Rug | Rust Velvet Cushion

Pantone’s Classic Blue

Colour is always a brilliant way of adding something new and fresh if you fancy a change in 2020. While many palettes – and homes – have ventured to the ‘dark side’ in 2019, this trend for dark, moody hues continues into 2020 too. Pantone’s Colour of the Year, Classic Blue, is a more subtle ode to this enduring trend. Intended to be reminiscent of the sky at night, it has a prophetic meaning too.

Laurie Pressman, Vice President of the Pantone Colour Institute, explains: “It’s a color [sic] that anticipates what’s going to happen next. What’s the future going to bring as we move into the evening hours?”

Our ever-popular Westcote Blue collection gives a stylish yet timeless nod to Pantone’s colour choice for 2020.

While this chosen shade is quite vibrant, it’s predicted that all blue hues will be popular in 2020, replacing those cooler shades of grey we’ve seen so much of in recent years.

Natural Texture

Every year it seems the love for texture in our homes becomes greater. Together with the addition of wool-blend throws and large velvet cushions in rich jewel shades to complement our sofas and living spaces, we’re seeing textures extend to dried flowers, prints and home decor this year too.

Texture is a brilliant way of incorporating something new and something different without applying paint to the walls or buying grand pieces of new furniture. Accessories are a quick and inexpensive place to start, with timeless jute and woven rugs to beautifully embroidered cushions and wool and faux fur throws.

Beehive Wool Throw | Dragonfly Cushion | Coconut Rug

Introducing different textures is a great way of adding colour too. If you prefer white walls, but want to inject a pop of colour, this can be easily achieved through texture. Prints and wall art give a nod to different decor styles – from the traditional to the more contemporary – and the choice and variety available is limitless. if you’re adding a gallery wall, for example, try placing prints and postcards in different frames – like brass and wood – for a little added texture.

We’ve seen a firmly established love for house plants and greenery in the home over the last decade, and whilst this isn’t going anywhere, the rise of adding dried flowers – purposely! – has seen a real surge too. Often more natural in tone, you can buy dyed dried flowers if you’re looking to complement a colour scheme.

Think Pink

Already a popular shade that we’ve incorporated much of into our homes, it’s predicted pink will continue its reign of popularity into 2020. Loved for its soft, subtle hue, blush pink works beautifully on walls, upholstery and soft furnishings.

Our Grace Armchair in Blush Pink

A shade that’s perfect on its own but striking when paired with other colours too – navy blue, forest green, soft greys and even hints of deep red and rusts.

Often deemed a more feminine shade, pink can be used as more of an accent colour to bolder shades rather than the main attraction if you’d prefer. These two photos above from Jen @the.squiffy.mill and Kate of @kate.lavie highlight the versatility of this popular shade. Use it sparingly and it can actually make much more of a statement. It is the subtlety of pink – and the fact it pairs with so many other shades – that makes it such a popular choice; not just for this year, but for most. Beehive Throw | Ewen Rug in Heather | Velvet Pom-Pom Cushion

If you’re tempted to add just a hint of pink, our wool throws and range of scatter cushions offer the perfect base to build from. White painted furniture – like our Snowshill White collection –  beautifully complements pale pastels too, helping to ignite a subtle softness to a room or corner without being too bold or overbearing.

Whilst not a trend per se, this lean towards buying more consciously and seeking out sustainability when we do, is so important. It highlights a changing of attitudes, a need for quality over quantity and a notable shift in how we want our homes to look and feel. We are no longer satisfied with the ‘that’ll-dos’ but rather give each and every purchase more thought.

This hasn’t happened overnight, it has been a long and burning process but one that is being recognised as a change that needed to happen. More and more of us are looking to spend our money on things that’ll last. Items that will stand the test of time and be with us not only for months but for years, decades even, to come.

Wickham Washed Oak

Here at Cotswold Co, this more conscious approach is something we’ve held true for many years. It’s an unwavering dedication to creating timeless, beautiful furniture and accessories that you can build a home around. Wherever that may be.

We call it Forever Furniture. 

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