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If you haven’t already familiarised yourself with the chic and sophisticated Portland Grey Range, we’ve pulled together some of our favourite features to give you a taster. If you love clean lines, contemporary finishes and a modern twist on a country classic, you’ll love this stunningly simple range…

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Beautiful Bedroom Storage 

Ever want to just hide all the madness? Get rid of the floordrobe? Tuck everything away out of sight so that you can sleep in a peaceful environment? You’re not alone…the bedroom is the place for getting storage and stowaways right. When you hit the hay, you don’t want to be surrounded by clutter, it’ll just make for a poor nights sleep and an unpleasant awakening in the morning. Take a look through the range of storage options in the Portland Range and you’ll find some handy spots to help organise the chaos.

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Cool Grey Finish

Painted furniture has become a firm favourite for interior stylists in recent years. Like white furniture, this tone of grey offers some reflective properties that will really brighten up your bedroom. This shade of grey is perhaps a little warmer than brilliant white and a little less traditional. The smooth, matt painted finish of this cool grey range creates a sense of tranquillity, introducing this range to your scheme can be instantly calming, which is great if you find your current bedroom scheme a little too busy.  Everyone needs a place to retreat, so surrounding yourself with this silky smooth finish can help you flick on the ‘relax’ switch.

Bedside table, bedside storage, grey furniture, painted furniture, cup handles

Chrome Cup Handles

Why are cup handles so satisfying to look at and use? We’re besotted with this neat little feature…it’s such a classic and understated piece of furniture ‘ornament’ but in the fresh chrome finish of the Portland Grey range, it looks incredibly contemporary. The rounded shape of the cup handles adds a nice little touch of detailing to the otherwise simple and boxy lines of this range. Like so many of our designs, they give a gentle nod back to the traditional cabinet making techniques of old.

Bedside table, bedside storage, grey furniture, painted furniture, cup handles, dream bedroom

Natural Oak Surface

When designing painted furniture, it’s all about getting the balance right. You want a wash of paint to cover your furniture, but you don’t want it to be overkill. Teaming this grey finish with an Oak surface is a great way of warming up an otherwise cool colour. The oak surface also provides a really practical, durable surface for you to utilise on a daily basis…because everyone needs a place to put their evening read, pot plants and pretty flowers!

Painted wardrobe, Grey bedroom furniture, grey painted furniture, dream bedroom

Classic Clean Design

This simple, fuss-free design is perfect for a contemporary space or modernising a period property. Though grey, this range is light, bright, and freshens the look of the room it graces. The smooth paint finish gives it a clean and tidy appearance, which is perfect for the bedroom where you can really benefit from its calming influence.


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Styling Portland Grey

This range provides the perfect platform to be experimental with colour, its cool grey tones give you a neutral base on which to have fun. The range of multi-coloured books accompanying the Portland Chest Of Drawers really highlights how adventurous you can be if you’re brave enough to give it a go. Our tip would be to stick to muted, dirtier colours (like the books featured) rather than primary colours as these sit perfectly with the dusty grey of this painted range.

Take a look at the full Portland Grey Range on The Cotswold Company website or take a look at our beautiful selection of painted furniture here for even more colour options.


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