Introducing: Kingscote


Kingscote was born in a quest to marry contemporary style with enduring design. Inspired by the traditional shaker kitchen, we wanted to create a furniture collection that would be as much at home in a country cottage as it would be in a modern townhouse.

Kingscote Forest Green dresser | The warm grey undertones welcome all seasons

A beautiful balance of timeless craftsmanship with the ever-growing popularity of darker painted kitchen furniture and cabinetry. The Kingscote collection is available in two wonderful colours – Forest Green and Flint Grey.

Kingscote Forest Green dresser | Darker kitchen furniture paired with quality design offers a contemporary yet timeless finish

It’s the deep, lustrous colourways and the way they trace nature’s earthy hues that make Kingscote so striking. “Green has been on our radar for some time, due to its grey undertones that welcome all seasons,” Victoria Darnell, Cotswold Company’s Senior Buyer tells us.

Both colourways sit harmoniously with marble and wood worktops. We love the way the rich warmth looks against the texture of woven baskets, vases and leafy greenery. From spring to autumn and year on year, Kingscote brings an invigorating mood to the heart of the house. The paint finish consists of a thorough four-step process. With family homes in mind, we carefully colour match the undercoat with the topcoat to withstand daily wear and tear.

Kingscote Forest Green console table | Slatted bottom shelves offer extra storage  

With practicality at its core, the Kingscote collection offers thoughtful storage solutions that streamline everyday routines. Featuring a solid oak top, spacious drawers and slatted shelves, the  Kingscote freestanding kitchen island is one of our favourites for maximising space.


Kingscote brings easy organisation, timeless style and a fresh, clean aesthetic together. With solid oak shelves for kitchenware, spice racks on both doors and an additional marble shelf for extra preparation space, the Kingscote double larder champions fuss-free living.

Likewise, our effortlessly adaptable console table is as much a friendly companion to your morning coffee as it is a handy workbench for prepping your planters this spring!

Kingscote Flint Grey double larder | Here at The Cotswold Company we pride ourselves on quality craftsmanship

As with all our furniture, we pride ourselves on using traditional woodworking methods. The frames use mortise and tenon joints to provide each piece with long-lasting strength, while our drawers are constructed with Dovetail joints for an enduring, neat finish.

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