white bedroom furniture, white chest of drawers, brick wall, ivy

Modern Country Living #12…Chantilly White


white bedroom furniture, white chest of drawers, brick wall, ivy

When asked to describe the Chantilly range the first word that comes to mind is; elegance. Whatever style of bedroom or décor you team the Chantilly range with, it always enhances its environment and makes a room even more sophisticated.

white bedroom furnitire, ivy, girls room, ornate, pretty

We’ve pulled together some of our favourite Chantilly looks and captured what styling we think elevates this range to an even chicer level…

White bedroom furniture, chantilly, green wall, vintage ceramics, panelled wall

A Licence to Be Bold

Using white painted furniture gives you a simple colourless basis to be experimental elsewhere. In this look, we’ve teamed our Chantilly Chest of Drawers with a striking green panelled background, some yellow accessories plus a group of wooden, ceramic and gold decorative ornaments. Chantilly manages to calm the eclectic pallet down with its blank canvas, thus avoiding any unwanted colour clashes.

white bedroom furniture, green wall, gold frames, books, vintage vases

Dressing Down with Modest Ornaments

The Chantilly Range sits among the more ornate and elegant designs in our spectrum of ranges, but it’s possible to conceal its femininity if you don’t want your room to be overly flamboyant or girly. If you like white furniture but don’t want to make your bedroom too fussy, you can use some clever props to make it a little more down to earth. We’ve used some rustic French stoneware vases and a humble wooden jewellery box to dress our Chantilly Chest which has created a more casual and understated look.

White bedside table, white furniture, vintage wallpaper, books, earthernware, roses

Dressing Up with Ornate Pattern

By contrast, Chantilly can also act as the perfect conduit for creating a more lavish environment. Here our little bedside provides the perfect platform for this beautifully full bunch of white roses and enhances the backdrop of ornate, baroque style wallpaper. Our Chantilly piece complements the level of detail and the earthy creams and browns of this stunning print and becomes the perfect asset to achieving this regal, yet tasteful look.

White bedside table, white furniture, vintage wallpaper, books, earthernware

Period features such as mouldings and high skirting boards also sit comfortably with this piece. The range naturally echoes the kind of details you would find in an older property, so its cornice and bevelled details make the perfect accompaniment to a house that’s full of character.

white wardrobe, rustic wall, rustic floor, ivy, blue rug, vintage ladder

Adding Chic to A Rustic Room

If your home is a little more rustic, Chantilly can be used to lift the appearance from zero to hero and create a juxtaposition against the rough edges and any unfinished features in a room. Here our Chantilly wardrobe sits brightly among the exposed brickwork and terracotta tiled floor, gently elevating the surrounding surfaces with its smooth and crisp white painted finish.

White wardrobe, detail, cornicing, ivy, chandelier, blanket, suitcase

Dressing With Antiques

The silhouette of the Chantilly is reminiscent of furniture from the Georgian era so accessorising it with antique and vintage items are a natural fit for the range. Seen here, stood side by side with an ornate gold and crystal chandelier, this range would sit happily in a baroque boudoir, surrounded by rococo accessories and furnishings.

white wardrobe, detail, drawers, cacti, cactus, books

Don’t be Afraid to Go White On White

Dressing white furniture with white accessories, washed out colours or a monochrome pallet can really enhance the chic side of this range. Keeping your entire bedroom colour scheme down to one or 2 colours (including white) can be an incredibly calming and relaxing way to decorate your room of rest. If you love this range, perhaps it’s time to start your collection of white or cream vases, hat boxes, vintage cases and accessories and enhance your furniture with the coolest of colour pallets!


White blanket box, vintage wallpaper, wooden floors, mustard blanket

Chantilly Looks Great With…

We think Chantilly works particularly well with this muted baroque styling. The ornate detailing of the wallpaper behind this piece is subtle, through years of ageing, so while it’s detailed, it’s not overbearing. The off-white backdrop provides just enough contrast to allow this piece to shine. Chantilly’s sharp white finish, bevelled edges and detailed silhouette are showcased perfectly against the aged look of this antique wallpaper.

White dressing table, dressing table set, bird walpaper,

To see even more of the enchanting Chantilly Range, click through to our store and have a browse.

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