Modern Country Living #6… Farmhouse Natural


 Hall bench, farmhouse, shoe storage, hall seating, wicker baskets, hanging ivy, brogues

The Farmhouse Natural Bench has been popular part of the Cotswold Company family for many years. It’s solid wooden structure and unique wicker baskets have been complementing living spaces for the last two decades. We love this look and thought it was time to sing the praises of this humble little piece; the perfect addition to any modern country home.

Hallway seating, hall bench with cushion, wicker baskets, post, postcards, accessories

Combined Seating & Storage

A great little trick for the hallway; a bench and storage combined is a wonderful place to sit and tie your laces plus a handy place to hide away your shoes and accessories when they’re not in use.

Wicker baskets, brogues, leather bag, hallway furniture, hall bench, farmhouse, modern rustic, modrern country living

With one easy ‘sling’ into one of the 3 wicker baskets, mucky boots can be stowed away and hallway harmony is yours once again.

Wicker baskets, accessories, scarf, vintage leather bag, modern rustic, cushion seat pad, farmhouse, modern country

Hand Woven Wicker

Our hand woven wicker baskets are great for adding a touch of texture and character to your hall space. They’re the perfect size for stowing away all sorts of clutter and being hand woven makes them incredibly robust, a much needed quality in a high traffic area like the hallway. If you want to learn more about the way they’re made, take a look at our article on the Basket Weavers of Shandong.

Vintage postcards, wall art, hallway, decoration, seaside postcards

Styling – Exposed Beams & Plaster Walls

If you’re in an older house and stripping back some unwanted wallpaper or plaster board, take time to look at what your left with. Sometimes there’s more beauty in what’s left behind than what you may have had planned! Live with it for a while and see if you start to enjoy the new textures. If you like it, don’t be afraid to leave it as it is, ‘honest’ interiors can be incredibly endearing.

Hanging Ivy, hallway, shoe bench, shoe storage, hall seating, brogues, modern rustic

Styling – Hanging Ivy

Trailing ivy is a wonderfully low maintenance way of adding colour and a touch of mother nature into your hallway. If your hallway is small and you don’t have surface space for a pot, ivy lends itself beautifully to being hung with macramé. All you need to do is add a screw-in hook to your stairs or ceiling and attach your hanging plant.

Printed cushion, geometric, hall bench, accessories, modern rustic

Hallways can sometimes be a little overlooked in terms of dressing, but with a few bits of artwork, a cushion and a touch of greenery, you can turn it into the welcoming and inviting space it should be.

The Farmhouse Family

If the wood finish of our Farmhouse Natural Range isn’t quite for you, you can get the same fabulous function from our Farmhouse Ivory Range. With a fresh white painted finish, Farmhouse Ivory is a little more clean and contemporary than our rustic Farmhouse Natural alternative.

Shoe bench, hall bench, hall seating, shoe storage, wicker baskets, seat pad, leather bag

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