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We’re thrilled to announce the recent opening of our beautiful new store in the heart of Godalming. Set in the stunning surroundings of what was once a congregational church and former schoolroom, it dates back to the early 18th century and retains much of its striking ecclesiastical character. Set across two large floors with an impressive mezzanine level, our timeless furniture and rustic home accessories make the most of its beautifully historic nooks and crannies.


Once a Saxon village, Godalming has a rich and extensive history that is thought to date back much further than the Middle Ages. Already a thriving village at the time of the Doomsday Book in 1086, it has undergone many changes and seen many trades flourish and fall through the centuries to the present day.


A key wool-producing town during the medieval era, it continued to thrive throughout the 16th century before it came to an end during the 18th century when the industry slowly migrated to northern territories. Following this demise, the stockings and paper-making industries picked up and became key for Godalming and its inhabitants. With its population continuing to grow – jumping from 6,500 in 1851 to more than double in 1951 – today, its population stands at 21,000. Gaining gas light in 1836, it became the very first town in Britain to have public electricity supply in 1881.


Located south-west of Surrey, the beautiful town of Godalming – with its rich and fascinating history – presented the perfect spot for our fourth Cotswold Co store. Built in 1868, before closing more than a century later in 1977, the congregational church opened as a restaurant for the residents of Godalming before we set up shop there earlier this year.


Wanting to make the most of the church’s stunning architecture and original feature windows, the lay-out lends itself to a gentle amble – a relaxing shopping experience filled with interiors inspiration. Showcasing our beautiful ranges – from oak furniture to pastel-painted collections and a wealth of country-inspired home accessories – this remarkable setting really does portray the versatility and timelessness of our furniture.


With its numerous entrances, the ground floor – with its spectacularly high ceilings and traditional architecture – means you can’t help but stop, look up and admire the setting. From our Oakland kitchen range to our perennially popular Chester Grey collection, the space allows you to really see each piece in detail and consider how it would look in your own home.


Journey to the back of the store and venture into our accessories nook. Piled high with cosy cushions, rugs and throws, together with plenty of exclusive kitchen accessories – from bowls to ceramic jugs and jars – it’s the perfect spot for adding a little texture to your home and finding that finishing touch. You’ll find plenty of gift ideas in here too!


Up the magnificent centre staircase, you’ll find even more bedroom collections on the elegant mezzanine level. Together with a beautiful old church pew showcasing covetable country kitchen accessories.


From our Westcote Blue Kitchen Collection to beautiful larders and traditional kitchen islands, you’ll also find the perfect serving dishes for hosting Christmas lunch and country-inspired accessories for creating a true country Christmas scene.


An extensive space that really is deserving of a whole morning or afternoon, we wanted a location big enough – and special enough – to really showcase our growing ranges. Our country-inspired furniture that we hope inspires a beautiful country home, whether you live in a traditional cottage, new build or townhouse. With solid oak worktops, painted finishes, antique-style handles and practical designs, each piece will become the mainstay in your home, not just for Christmas or the festive season, but for every day.


If you’re lucky enough to live in this beautiful part of the country or happen to visiting soon or in the new year, we can’t wait to welcome you into our stunning new home. For details on opening hours, parking and directions, just head over to our website for more information. You’ll find a list of our other Cotswold Co stores there too.

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