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We always like a story. Those tales or anecdotes which give substance, life and meaning. After all, it is the stories we tell and the memories we make which go a long way in making a house a home for us. The best, we find, are often the oldest. They may change over the years as they pass through the lips of different generations and get retold on different occasions, but their meaning and value remains very much the same. They will always be personal to you, just like your home.


Whilst we craft and create new furniture then, our ranges are always inspired and influenced by something. An antique find in a second-hand store, a timeworn piece spotted on the far-flung travels of one of our buyers, or of course, by the very region which inspires our brand. Whatever inspires a piece, it is the object of reinventing it, of turning it into something our customers will love, which makes it so unique and wonderfully timeless.

Millbrook White


With vintage-inspired key-hole detailing, elegantly turned legs and subtle distressing, our new Millbrook White Painted collection exudes a timeless elegance. A clean, crisp white, it’ll sit perfectly at home whether you favour traditional interiors or something a little more contemporary. Inspired by a second-hand find that one of our buyers spotted in an antique market, it reflects a time-worn appearance largely due to its unique distressing – all applied by hand – so each piece in the collection is wonderfully individual.

Style with…millbrook-edit-9525182Coconut Rug | Millbrook White Bedside | Kanak Marble Base Lamp

Paxford Pine


Our Paxford Pine range was inspired by the image of this beautiful old French pine sideboard. Oozing understated elegance, bundles of character and evident history, we decided to recreate it using genuine reclaimed timber from discarded packing crates, pallets and dismantled buildings to ensure our own collection maintained the same warmth, charm and antiquity.


The benefit of using reclaimed materials is, of course, the durability they possess and the story they tell. Those rich, unique tones and authentic marks of history that you just wouldn’t find with new, manufactured pine.

Style with…
paxford-edit-9502878Rustic Wine Crate | Raw Oak Towel Ladder | Jute Flat Weave Rug

Banbury Grey Painted


Stumbling across a beautiful old chest in a corner of the Northcote Road Antique market in London, our buyers wanted to recreate a collection with the same character and charm, together with the flaws and imperfections you often see with age, too. Upcycling and distressed furniture continues to grow in popularity so we wanted to design a range that took the hard work and time it takes to restore out of the equation.


Lovingly distressed by hand, each piece in our Banbury Grey Painted collection is wonderfully unique and original – just like the chest that inspired it.

Style with…
banbury-edit-5340281Ariana Mirror | Large Laundry Basket | Clemento Rug

Country-inspired interiors continue to evoke thoughts of rustic, timeworn furniture that has a story to tell and a history attached. For a wonderfully traditional French farmhouse-inspired feel, our Paxford Pine range is both timeless and practical thanks to the original materials used in its construction. For something a little more ‘shabby chic’, with a faded country-inspired appearance, our two new painted ranges – Banbury Grey and Millbrook White – will set the scene and tone of your home beautifully.

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