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 Revamp Restyle Reveal made an eagerly awaited return for Season 2 in April this year. Following on from the success of Season 1, ten highly influential and interior-obsessed bloggers were chosen to overhaul one room in their home, entirely by themselves, in just four weeks. Honing in on DIY, creativity and initiative, Cotswold Co were absolutely thrilled to be one of the sponsors involved in this year’s project.

L-R Melanie Lissack | Katty Patterson | Lisa Dawson

There were guest bedrooms, main bedrooms, a kitchen and several living rooms all poised and ready for a fresh lick of paint and special DIY treatment. The big reveal came on May 17th with all ten bloggers uncovering their inspiring masterpieces: from colourful walls to statement wallpaper, DIY wall panelling to bohemian vibes. Below are just a few of the bloggers who took part in the challenge and transformed one room in one month. It’s fair to say, we are suitably impressed with the results!

Lisa Dawson // The Master Bedroom

Deciding to tackle the task of redecorating her master bedroom, we spoke to Lisa, co-mastermind behind Revamp Restyle Reveal. She explains the inspiration behind the social media-based project and why she knew it would be a recipe for success.

“We took inspiration from a similar project in the USA called The One Room Challenge and knew that it would work really well over here. Instagram is a hotbed of interior inspiration and the idea of using a hashtag where you could post your before and after shots on a carousel swipe was always going to be a winner! We tried really hard to get a combination of bloggers with different interior styles and it worked really well…”

Aurene Table Lamp

Leading the way with a timeless transformation, Lisa reveals she was inspired by the Artist Residence properties for her dressing room, using vibrant wallpaper to complement the white walls seen in the bedroom.

“I’ve decorated my dressing room in Cranes in Flight by Harlequin – I was going to stop at the walls, but then decided to go for it and wallpaper the doors too!  I’m super pleased with it and it’s a lovely place to get ready in the morning. You can’t be surrounded by pink clouds without feeling positive!”

Melanie Lissack // The Living Room

Rosalie Faux Fur Throw

Returning for the second season of RRR, Melanie decided to revamp her living room. Coated in magnolia and filled with furniture she and her husband had brought from their previous house, Melanie was looking to create ‘…a grown-up, boutique hotel lounge space’ to complement the adjoining room and overall feel of the house.

Smoked Gold Table Lamp | Rosalie Faux Fur Throw

DIY is an important theme throughout this process, and here it remains integral in the transformation of – and a big focal point within – Melanie’s living room.

“The two big DIY projects that I undertook as part of the challenge was to add paneling on the walls and create an inexpensive bookcase that looked bespoke. Both the paneling and the bookcase came out better than expected and I was so glad about that. I think that is the thing with DIY – you just have to go with it, it will not always go right but it is always worth a try! Had I had a carpenter build my bookcases they would have cost thousands. Instead, I spent about £200 on them in total.”

Kat Williams // The Kitchen

Agna Runner

Redecorating the kitchen in four weeks is no easy feat. Especially when new worktops need fitting, the walls need plastering and painting, the kitchen sink needs moving, and the small matter of putting in a new window needs doing. However, Kat and husband, Gareth stepped up to the challenge. The result? A clean, minimalistic, elegant kitchen with copper accents.

Newgate Edward Clock | Meera Shelf Unit

“I love how much BIGGER it feels. I literally cannot believe it’s the same room!”

Katty Patterson // The Front Room

Geometric Fringed Rug

Opting for a unique bohemian edge, Katty’s front room underwent a tremendous transformation – and all in just four weeks!

“I always talk about how my main channel of inspiration comes from cool coffee shops, restaurants and retails spaces.  Obviously, I love Instagram and Pinterest as much as the next, but I generally try to avoid other homes as inspiration for my own as it can get so repetitive so quickly.  The wooden wall idea came from an installation in a Californian juice bar by Bells & Whistles design.  Marky loves the water so we wanted the room to follow on from our usual surf-inspired aesthetic and I think we achieved that.”

Leonora Mirror | Geometric Fringed Rug

“One of my favourite spots is the one that started off the most horrendous looking!  The alcove to the right of the chimney was riddled with moisture marks and made the whole space look so dingy.  The fresh, dark paint and concrete effect tiles created a textural, new canvas and the gold mirror from The Cotswold Co adds the perfect boho balance to the industrial feel of the trunks below.  It looks instantly at home and makes me feel like we’ve just landed home from a treasure hunt in Marrakesh.”

Kerry Lockwood // Son’s Bedroom

Amaro Mirror

Looking to create a Brooklyn-style loft for her teenage son, Kerry focused on industrial-style lighting and accessories to complement the space together with Alfie’s own evolving style.

“I worked with Alfie on the original ideas and design but it was hard for him to visualise a lot of what I had in mind. When it came to colours I wanted to use green as an accent colour but he really didn’t want any green in his room so we went for a mustard yellow instead which he loves.”

Film Spotlight | Ezra Magazine Rack

“I love how everything works so well together. I created a moodboard and had a strong idea of what I wanted but at one stage the room was very grey and I didn’t actually like how it was coming together. I knew that everything would eventually click though so I just kept on going. It was only within the final few days that this happened. Sometimes you just have to have the confidence in yourself to know it’s all going to work.”

Malcolm Begg // The Guest Room

With a bold lick of paint coupled with vintage finds, Malcolm’s guest room – turned master bedroom since the project’s completion – has undergone a stunning transformation.

“Having opted for more muted tones elsewhere in our home, I really wanted to inject some colour in here. The Harlequin fabrics led the way colour-wise, both sitting beautifully with ‘Polka Dot’. The vibrant scheme has been tempered with wood tones and heavier, traditional style furniture, as I still wanted it to sit well with the style of the rest of the house.”

Phineus Marble Base Floor Lamp | Asmita Paprika Cushion

“My favourite corner of our guest bedroom is the little seating area beside the wardrobe. Our vintage mirrors and charity shop chair contrasts beautifully with the retro styling of our Cotswold Co Phineus Marble Base Floor Lamp and Asmita Cushion. The floor lamp ties in really well with the bedside wall lamps, which I made from a pair of charity shop lamp shades, some brass pipe and oak offcuts. I’m really pleased with how these turned out.”


Congratulations to all the bloggers involved – if you want to see all the before pictures, just click on each blogger above. More information on the project can be found at Revamp Restyle Reveal.

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