The Cotswold Art Collection: Meet the Artists




The Cotswold Art Collection
Printed and framed by hand here in the UK, we are thrilled to introduce you to our first exclusive art collection. We commissioned a considered selection of artworks by talented local artists who beautifully portray the natural world around us, through paint, pencil and photo.

All with a story to tell, we wanted to share each of our artists as they reveal the inspiration behind their work.

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Harriet Peachey


Studying Fine Art at the Kent Institute of Art and Design, it was during her time in Brighton when Harriet went on to study photography that her love for the sea first began thanks to its rugged and beautiful coastline.


Now living in Kent with her husband and two children, Harriet’s scenic Lines in the Sand series is a set of simplistic and minimal seascapes inspired by the Kent coastline where she can often be found sketching and photographing. Her Coastal Botanics series is inspired by the plants that live along the coast and is skillfully created using botanical contact printing and natural pigments in places.

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Lynsey Dorman

img_1685A freelance artist and illustrator based in Hastings, East Sussex, Lynsey is The Cotswold Company’s Visual Manager.


Studying Printed Textile Design at the University of Brighton, Lynsey has since worked on a multitude of creative projects exploring various techniques in fine line drawing, lino print, screen printing, watercolours and inks. Her botanical studies were produced exclusively for The Cotswold Company and include a variety of delicately hand drawn ferns and eucalyptus, finished with simple hues of black ink.

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Mabs Gilmore



Mabs Gilmore is a retired scientist with a passion for plants and photography. As a keen gardener, Mabs relishes the seasonal changes in perennial plants and is fascinated by the patterns of flowers and seed heads.

The complex patterns and often ethereal nature of seed heads lends itself well to black and white photography.

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Iain Gilmore


Iain is a retired academic living in Leicestershire, UK. While he mainly takes photographs for pure pleasure, it is also a chance to express himself artistically and to try and convey something of the connection he has with a subject, be that the natural world, our heritage or people.



His work is mainly in black and white because he likes its inherently surreal nature and the artistic process involved from the taking of the initial photograph through to the final print.

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