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Here at The Cotswold Company we’re firm believers that a good night’s sleep means a well-rested soul, and that ensuring quality of sleep is the ultimate way to boost your wellbeing at home. Our Pure Natural Collection mattresses are tried and tested, and now we’re adding bed linen to the mix to heighten the sleep experience.

Our new bed linen collection starts from £14


What could be better than a good night’s sleep, we ask? It’s scientifically proven that high quality sleep translates to a rested mindset, and in turn, allows you to function
more effectively throughout the course of the next day.

Bed linen, therefore, doesn’t just have the ability to look beautiful, it can also perform an important function and contribute hugely towards your health and wellbeing. We also know though that it can just be about the prospect of that ‘fresh sheets’ feeling. The moment you sink back into your favourite bed linen, it can often be one of the most satisfying and feel-good moments of the day!

Cushioned comfort – cushions from £25

Paul Deckland, Buying Director here at The Cotswold Company, says: ‘We’re excited to bring this bed linen collection home to The Cotswold Company. We set out two years ago with the aim to offer the best quality bed linen.’


Each of our new bed linen styles offers something a little different. From the beautiful inset lace details – all of which have their own character – of the laundered finish Hatherley, Avebury, and Mickleton styles, to the woven stripe design of the Broadwell. We went on a two-year global hunt in order to bring you the best bed linen options available.

Paul says: ‘We went global and took our search to all means of mills and makers, but after rigorous testing and research we have honed in on the traditional town of Guimaraes, in Portugal. We know The Cotswold Company customers appreciate quality – Guimaraes is steeped in textile making history and is renowned for producing the best and most luxurious bed linen fabrics, so it feels like the perfect fit, in more ways than one.’



Speaking of quality, all of the styles on offer, including the Hatherley, Avebury, Mickleton and Broadwell Stripe are designed from the basis of a percale cloth with a 200
thread count, which from our testing process proved to be both the softest-to-touch and
the hardest wearing cotton – striking the perfect balance of day-to-day practicality and
luxury comfort. Percale is different because of the way it’s woven.

The Hatherley – available in three colourways


Hatherley. The Hatherley style has a characterful broad border, available in three different soft-tone colourways, framing the crisp white pillowcase and duvet cover and detailed with intricate lace stitching.

Broadwell Stripe. Our Broadwell Stripe embodies the classic country stripe aesthetic, and is perfect for those seeking bed linen with a casual, laundered touch. It’s a woven stripe detailing with a piped edge finish. Pattern lovers will be drawn to the Broadwell –
it’s such a classic.

The Avebury – available in three colourways

Avebury. Available in the same colourways as Hatherley, our Avebury design has alternating single and double stripe lace detailing, stitched across both the cover and pillowcases.

Mickleton. The Mickleton is beautifully classic. Offered in crisp white, it has just a subtle hint of detailing in coordinating white stitching along the edge of the cover and pillowcases.

Plain Egyptian Cotton. Available in both 200 thread count percale and 400 thread count sateen finish, this Egyptian Cotton bedding offers up superior strength, durability and comfort in both its variants.

The intricate stitch detailing of our Mickleton bed linen


‘Our percale is a 200 thread count cloth.’ Paul says, ‘Percale is a specific type of cloth, which is associated with a tight weave and inherent tautness. Essentially, it’s super durable whilst also being sumptuously soft to touch. The testing we undertook proved this to be both the hardest wearing and the most luxurious percale available. It means our bedding has both a natural crispness, as well as sleep-inducing characteristics. It’s also ‘iron friendly’ in comparison to other bed linen on the market.’

The 200 thread count percale is available in a variety of different bed linen styles,
including the Hatherley, Avebury, Mickleton, Broadwell Stripe and the Egyptian Cotton Plain bedding too.

‘We’re also offering customers a sateen option with the introduction of the 400 thread count on the Egyptian Cotton Plain bedding. The sateen finish is great for people who are looking for an ultra-smooth and almost silk-like feel. It’s super smooth!’ says Paul.

Get ready to sink back in sheer comfort, and shop our different bed linen styles today.

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  1. Your bedsheets are very Amazing. Good quality and good fabric. All good. Specially softness
    Really like it.

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