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An Exclusive Look Behind the Scenes & Behind Our Brand

Our 20th anniversary year was always going to be a special one. For us, it’s been all about celebrating our heritage and reflecting on our achievements. We spent the early part of the year looking back at the last two decades and seeing how the Cotswold Company has evolved and become a part of people’s everyday lives up and down the country. We realised that making things better than they need to be and more affordable than they should be has brought happiness to lots of our lovely customers. And that made us very happy too.

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Taking stock of all this not only made us proud but also made us think it was time for a refresh! We certainly don’t want to change what we do and the way we are, but, much like buying a new outfit for a special occasion, we wanted to get all dressed up and look our best for our big year.

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So in September 2016, you will see a new side to us. A new look that celebrates our roots in the Cotswolds and our endless quest to make furniture that’s both beautiful and useful. A fresh approach that captures our love of the country and handcrafted furniture.

To assist in making us look as special as possible we thought we’d set off to the countryside to shoot some swoon-worthy new products in a suitably stunning country house. Be the first to see some of our exciting new ranges and take a look at some of our key styling tips, but most importantly keep your eyes on our website and on your doorstep throughout mid-September and tell us what you think.

 So What’s New?…


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Camille Limewash Oak

This range wouldn’t look out of place in a French Chateau, but we think the curvaceous shape and muted lime wash finish of this oak range would complement a Cotswold Cottage beautifully. This range is elegant but still has a rustic edge, perfect if you want to introduce a touch of femininity to your boudoir without it being too girly.

Letter writing, books, dried hydrangeas

The grounds around our Cotswold Co house were covered in beautiful hydrangeas. Some had been dried in the house and radiated these beautiful Autumnal shades of rust and brown. We thought these worked exceptionally well with some of our new ranges, especially Camille .

Country bedroom, bedroom chair, wicker back, french furniture

The Camille Chair is stunning as a stand alone piece, but sitting alongside the bed or wardrobe in this range would really complete this elegant look. Chairs aren’t always the first thing you think you ‘need’ in a bedroom, but they’re incredibly useful and this one, in particular, has some great curves that would soften the bulky frame of a wardrobe.

Grey hallway furniture, country house, country living, fishing basket, wooden floors

NEW! Our Hallway Must Have

This beautiful grey hall bench will be a key piece for us when it arrives in stock. It’s got plenty of hidden storage, for stowing away muddy shoes and accessories, but it also provides an excellent perch while you de-boot and de-robe from the great outdoors. We think this bench could give some much-needed hall organisation to any modern country home. Just add some of our classic wall hooks above and you’ll have a place to hang your hat too.

Kids room, storage, childrens toys, vintage toys, vintage record player

Handy Hidden Corner Storage

This new addition to the Farmhouse family would make for a great storage solution in a kids play area in the corner of the lounge or conservatory.  With low seating, wicker storage drawers beneath that are easy to pull out, plus a hidden storage box in the corner, it’ll be a cinch to hide away mess at the end of the day.

Hidden storage, clever storage, white furniture, kids room, childrens room

The hidden corner section is a great spot to create a home for a cosy throw the bedtime story books. It’s such a simple easy piece of storage come furniture, you may even convince the kids to do some tidying too…wishful thinking perhaps.

Vintage Tile, cactus, white washed wooden floor

Tile Style

Tiles are such a beautiful thing to keep an eye out for and collect. They’re great for practical purposes (use on a dining table or next to the oven as a ‘hot pot’ protector) but also used for display, they’re as pretty as a picture. We found ours from an antique and collectors fair but you can find some stunning examples at Bert & May.

Seedheads, photography, styling

Styling – Seedhead Swoon

These beautifully delicate seedheads joined us on our shoot. We’re still yet to find out which horticultural family they belong to (tell us if you know) but we’re totally besotted with them! They look great towering out of a short ceramic vase or dotted among a bunch of white roses.They’re so delicate and intricate, we absolutely love them.

Bureau, oak, desk, home office, artist, drawing, painting

NEW – The Oakland Bureaux 

Our Oakland Bureaux is the perfect anecdote to home office issues. If you struggle for a designated space to work or be creative, bureaus can provide some compact surface and storage space that can be hidden away, out of sight when the day’s work is done.

Grey furniture, fireplace, feathers, tiles, wooden floors

Feathered Friends

 A collection of feathers can look just as striking as a fresh bunch of flowers and once you have them, they’re there to enjoy all year round. We gathered a large bunch of pheasant feathers and thought they looked beautiful gathered in our pewter pot and a glass demijohn bottle.

Grey dining table, grey furniture, country kitchen, dream kitchen

NEW! – Chester Grey Dining Set

This beautiful dining set fits snugly into a kitchen diner and extends out to house extra guests when needed. We love its calm grey painted finish and chunky oak surface. The seats even have a nice cushy bit of padding, so you can sit and chin wag for longer.

gents wardrobe, grey furniture, brogues, gentleman, dapper man

There’s lots more to see online and our makeover will be complete very soon, so stay in touch, all will be revealed on the 14th September.  We hope you’re as excited as we are!


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      Let me know if you need any further info. Best wishes

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