Tips For Decorating a New Build


So, you’ve exchanged on your brand new home. It’s finally yours and you’re all set to pick up the keys and move in. Whilst a new build provides the perfect first base where everything is shiny and new, it’s no secret that they can lack a little character and charm. While a completely blank canvas offers a wealth of interior opportunities, its starkness can be somewhat overwhelming at first, so it’s important to make it feel like home as soon as possible.

A splash of colour

When you move into your new home, chances are the walls will all be painted the same colour – and chances are, you’ll want to repaint them as soon as possible to inject a little of your own personality. Before you get out your paintbrush though, it’s a good idea to check as many new homes will advise against painting the walls for the first 6-9 months in an effort to avoid shrinkage. Whilst this wait can be frustrating, it does give you time to scour the paint charts and really decide on a colour scheme you’ll love, rather than simply choosing one on a whim to rid your walls of magnolia.

All Farrow & Ball L-R Wevet | Purbeck Stone | Calamine | Teresa’s Green | Green Smoke | Hague Blue

From popular subtle pastels like pale pinks, soft greens and duck egg blues for a country-inspired feel, to the rich, bold hues of deep navy and dark green – your options really are limitless.

The benefit of smooth new-build walls is that they present the perfect opportunity to try your hand at panelling too – a brilliant and relatively inexpensive way to add more of a traditional feel.

Add a little texture

 If you’re trying to save your pennies after the move, soft furnishings are a brilliant, inexpensive yet instantaneous way to make a house feel more like a home.

Tova Throw | Clemento Wool Blend Rug | Velvet Matte Cushions

Cushions, throws, rugs and curtains will all help to transform a space and inject a little colour and personality too.

Go big

The beauty – and benefit – of a new build over a traditional country cottage is the space it affords. What they lack in character, they more than make up for in space, so you’ll rarely find yourself struggling up narrow staircases or trudging through tiny doorframes. This extra space then calls for big pieces of furniture boasting ample storage that will last. Plus, with a range of painted collections, you can inject a little colour without taking out your paintbrush!

Malvern Mink 7-Drawer Chest | Burford Ivory Grand Bookcase | Oxford Painted Larder

When you move into your brand new home with its bright blank canvas, deciding where to start with decorating or what to invest in when it comes to furniture, can all seem a little overwhelming. Remember that there’s no rush – take your time with the planning and decision-making. Whether you’ve moved into a 2/3 or 4-bedroom property, whether you’re bringing lots of furniture with you or need to start afresh, look to invest in pieces that will provide plenty of storage, as the chances are your new home won’t come with too much built-in.

The beauty of grand bookcases, triple wardrobes and large chest of drawers is not only their practicality but their versatility too. If you no longer need your bookcase in the bedroom, simply move it down into the dining room or pop it in the hallway.

Versatile Furniture for Every Room

Fixtures & fittings

Another simple and inexpensive way to personalise your new build home is to opt for different fixtures and fittings. Steering clear of stainless steel and switching to chrome, brass or matte black can change the look and feel of a room instantly. It’s not only hinges and handles that will benefit from a switch-up, but light fittings too. If you’re visiting any of our Cotswold Co stores, don’t forget you have the option to customise your new piece of furniture from a wonderful – and colourful – selection of different handles.

Prints & greenery

It’s surprising the difference that adding fresh flowers, foliage or houseplants can make to your home. Not only are they an added health benefit, but they also help to give the room a fresh lease of life and give substance to hard-to-fill nooks and crannies. Photographs, prints and sentimental finds are also a must when you’re putting your stamp on any home, particularly a new build.

While it can seem daunting banging nails into fresh new walls, a gallery wall can look impressive. Just like the accessories you choose to put on shelves and in display cabinets, fill your walls with prints and photographs which are personal – those that will encourage guests to ask, ‘So, what’s the story behind this one?’

Whether it’s your first home or forever home, there are many benefits to a light, bright and spacious new build. A house that you can decorate and personalise into a beautiful and welcoming home.

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