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We understand that buying a piece of furniture is a big decision. Not only is it a large investment, but you want to ensure it’s a timeless piece too. One that will not only stand the test of time but one you will continue to love and utilise for many years to come.

Which got us thinking.

When you invest in a piece of furniture, the versatility needs to be there just as much as its potential for longevity too.

Perhaps you are looking to buy a sideboard for the dining room, but what if, say in three or four years’ time, your needs for it change? Or you feel it no longer suits the space? When you come to move house, what if you no longer have the space for it in the dining room of your new home? This is why versatility when it comes to furniture is so vitally important. Why it needs to have the potential to slot seamlessly into more than one room or corner of your home. While the option is always there to sell and buy a new one, we’re all for our timeless and traditional furniture being exactly those things – a piece that will last through the years with you in your first, second or forever home.

While certain items may be listed under certain rooms, this is more for ease of navigation than a set-in-stone direction. Aside from the more obvious items – a kitchen island or a bed for example – our furniture can be used throughout many different rooms in your home and each boasts an array of different uses. What’s more, they can quite as easily be restyled if you fancy a quick and inexpensive change of scenery down the line too.

Bearing this in mind then, we thought we would share a few of our most versatile pieces of furniture that will make a worthy investment – from room to room and from home to home.

The Sideboard
Oakland Sideboard with Wine Rack | Portobello Painted 3-Door Sideboard | Stirling Oak Small Sideboard

The humble sideboard has become a bit of a favourite in our homes – largely due perhaps to the wealth of storage potential and versatility they provide. For the conservatory, living room, dining room or hallway, not to mention the kitchen, study or upstairs landing, the variety of 2-door, 3-door or bigger still sideboards means they’ll perfectly suit your current decor. Whether you decide to redecorate or fancy some additional storage in a different part of the house, it can be moved and restyled pretty much anywhere.

The Dressing Table
Mottisfont Painted Double Drawer Dressing Table | Burford Painted Dressing Table | Lundy Stone Grey Dressing Table

If you find yourself a little short on floor space but have an equal need for a home office and somewhere to get ready in the mornings, why not combine the two? With the drawers providing ample storage space, your getting-ready essentials like makeup and hair appliances can be safely stored in the bottom drawers, while you take out your laptop and paperwork from the top drawer ready for the working day ahead.

The Bookcase
Chester Grey Tall Slim Bookcase | Newark Oak Small Bookcase | Montague Oak Ladder Bookcase

Of course, if you’re an avid reader or a self-confessed bibliophile, then a bookcase is a pretty essential piece of furniture. Whether you go short and wide or long and tall, they can be used for so much more than just books too. Depending on the style and shape you go for, they can just as easily be used in the kitchen for displaying essentials or the bathroom for a similar, convenient purpose. What’s more, if you change your mind about having the bookcase in the living room, why not move it upstairs into the study? Or, if you fancy a change in the dining room, try restyling your bookcase – it’s surprising the difference a simple re-jig can make to the whole look and feel of a room.

The Side Table
Portland Grey Console Bedside | Sussex Painted Lamp Table | Camille Limewash Oak Nightstand

While we refer to these as Lamp Tables or Telephone Tables, they actually have a wealth of different uses. In the hallway for holding keys, in the living room as a handy pew for a cuppa and magazine, or even beside the bed for placing your reading glasses and bedtime reads. Available in a whole host of neutral and subtle shades means they will slot seamlessly into other areas of your home too, making them a worthy and timeless investment.

The Blanket Box
Mottisfont Painted Ottoman | Appleby Oak Ottoman Box | Chester Grey Blanket Box

The perfect addition to the end of your bed, in the living room or even the hallway, our blanket boxes can be used for an array of different uses. An empty vessel for storing blankets, cushions, kids’ toys, throws and mandatory clutter, they make a wonderful storage solution for any room in your home and can even be used as a coffee table in the living room. We always say a blanket box is one of those pieces of furniture you didn’t realise you needed until it’s in your home – and filled with bits and bobs!

When you’re thinking of buying a new piece of furniture, consider the different areas in your home and where, should you change your mind, it could be moved to. Just because you buy a console table for the hallway, this doesn’t mean it cannot be moved to the dining room. As mentioned above, there will always be exceptions, but sideboards, lamp tables, blanket boxes or bookcases, for example, are incredibly versatile and can always be moved and restyled in a different nook, cranny or corner of your home.

  1. Hi team. I just want to know if there is any assembling to do on your furniture. I’m keen to buy the Oakland pine collection (triple wardrobe and dressing table) it’s in the basket ready for checkout but before I buy I just neede to know how much I will have to do as my skills are limited ie. I’m on my own! And I hate asking people to help.
    Many thanks
    Denise Roberts

    1. Hi Denise, thank you for your message. The assembly needed varies depending on the item you’ve ordered but if you look at the ‘Specifications’ tab on the item page it will tell you the assembly it requires. For the Oakland Triple Wardrobe, it arrives part-assembled so it will require some self-assembly – we do offer an assembly add-on though where the delivery team can put it together for you. The Oakland Dressing Table is delivered fully assembled (if you’ve ordered the matching stool this requires minimal assembly!) I hope that helps, if you would like any further information or clarity before buying, just give our customer services team a ring (0333 200 1725) and they’ll be happy to help! Best wishes, Harriet

      1. Thank you, I’ve ordered these items to be assembled and the packaging to be removed. I have paid for the dressing table to be assembled but it would seem this is just the chair. I’m I too late to have that not assembled? And have a refund if not a refund the money going towards another item I intend to purchase in the very near future
        Many thanks

        1. Hi Denise, thank you for your message. If you give our customer services team a ring on 0333 200 1725, they’ll be able to advise. I hope you enjoy your new furniture! Best wishes, Harriet

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