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Top Tips On Getting Healthy Herbs All Year Round

Using herbs in cooking is a great way of adding flavour to food, plus their medicinal properties are renowned. For example; thyme is valued as both an immune system booster and for its detoxifying effect on the liver. Although most herbs are readily available at the supermarket, there’s nothing more gratifying (and cheap) than growing your own. They’re also great for adding texture and fragrance to your garden or home.

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Herbs are a great thing to grow if you’re a novice, just following a few simple tips should keep you well rewarded with the herbs you love. You don’t need a huge plot to grow them, just a window ledge or pot on the patio will suffice, perfect if you’re not a green fingered guru with acres of land. Follow these tips from our friends at The Norfolk Olive Tree Company and you should have a healthy crop of herbs all year round.

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When and Where to Grow Herbs…

Herbs grow best with full sun and light.

Plant in well-drained moisture-retentive, fertile soil with plenty of organic matter incorporated.

Keep a few containers near the house for easy picking!

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For a Continuous Supply…

Start early in the Spring by sowing herbs under cloches and frames.

Sow seeds of ones that rapidly run to seed (coriander and dill for example) on a fortnightly basis throughout the spring and summer

Choose several varieties where possible, with different maturing times to keep your herb garden productive and interesting

Sow a few trays in a greenhouse, conservatory or sunny windowsill and grow plants ready for planting out when the soil warms up in Summer

Pot up herbs such as chives, mint, parsley or tarragon grown outdoors and bring them in for the winter, standing them on a South facing windowsill

Use larger containers or pots for rigorous growing herbs such as mint and sage. Grow bags are ideal if space is limited

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If you haven’t started the process already, give it a go. Select some herbs that you use most frequently in your cooking (or cocktails) and build your collection from there. You’ll have fabulous tasting food and feel incredibly ‘good life-y’ when nipping out for a fresh cutting!

Keep us posted on how you get on – share some of your photos and let us know if you have any more tips.


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