How to Add Texture with our New Spring Accessories


Spring into this season with our beautiful new range of home accessories and soft furnishings. From patterned cushions to cosy throws and soft rugs, they offer the perfect way to easily update your home – without needing to dig out your paintbrush. Giving your home – or even just the one room – a spruce up needn’t become a long and cumbersome undertaking then. Introducing one or two new accessories is not only quick and simple – making it a perfect weekend project – but they go a long way to create a subtle and welcoming change too.

Accessories also offer the perfect opportunity for introducing a pop of colour. Or, to look at it another way, to help tone down a bold patterned wallpaper or brighter colour choice with softer neutrals. They are also ideal for adding a little extra texture. Texture helps to add interest and comfort – so it’s perfect for those rooms you tend to spend most of your time in.

In your bedroomuntitled-4-4826254


L-R Baunton Ochre Wool Rug | Bumblebee Piped Cushion | Iona Velvet Cushion | Harvey Stripe Cushion | Scrapbook Bumblebee Cushion | Bloomsbury Wall Clock | 6 Hook Rack | Grey Artisan Throw | Kardal Stoneware Table Lamp | White Wash Large Storage Hamper

With fewer people seeing your bedroom, – than say, your kitchen, for example – it becomes a room deserving of comfort and contentment. It’s also a room that lends itself to being bolder, worthy of injecting a little more personality perhaps because it’s your space to relax and unwind, and no-one else’s. With a whole host of pretty sunshine yellow accessories now online and in-store, we think it’s the perfect hue for your bedroom. A proven mood-booster, it also pairs beautifully with more neutral tones and rustic woods for a laidback and relaxing feel.

In your living roomuntitled-4-4826254

untitled-2-1-6749026 Clemento Wool Rug | Martha Throw | Borden Wall Mirror | Extra Large Wicker Basket | Axton Table Lamp | Lilac Velvet Cushion | Harvey Stripe Cushion | From the Field Cushion | Rosalie Mink Faux Fur Cushion | 2-Seater Bampton Sofa

Considered one of the more communal spaces in our homes, it’s one where friends and family sit and join you when they visit. For watching TV or reading a book, our living rooms must be uncompromisingly cosy, comfortable and welcoming. A room to relax in, to put our feet up and unwind. A neutral colour palette – with a hint of blush – always works well in a room dedicated to comfort. With a whole host of new cushions in tempting tactile textures, more muted hues will complement not only each other but natural materials and paler wall colours too. Primarily a room to relax in then, soft throws, blankets and rugs will be much-appreciated accessories through all seasons too.

In your dining roomuntitled-4-4826254


L-R Wiltshire Painted Kitchen Table | Orleans Wall Clock | Grocery Box | Denim Blue Seat Pad | Yellow Velvet Cushion | Bumblebee Seat Pad | Halo Glass Table Lamp | Compton Rug | Minimalist Navy Stripe Rug | Westcote Blue Dining Collection

A room for entertaining, hosting big Sunday lunches or a quiet night in with a meal for two, our dining rooms must be practical, convenient yet equally comfortable. From painted to real wood dining sets, our lovely range of new accessories will complement both a bold or more neutral dining decor scheme. Team our Westcote Blue collection with muted hues and simple textures, or be more adventurous with pops of yellow. Rugs and lighting are both wonderful ways to add warmth and comfort, while our range of seat cushions will ensure all-day dining comfort.


Filled with inspiration for every room in your home, our beautiful stores are also home to a range of exclusive accessories too.

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