How to choose the best grey furniture for your bedroom


It’s a shade that continues its reign of popularity within many homes. A brilliant neutral that works beautifully in almost any space due to the different tones available – from the palest, cool greys to those rich and smoky.

The look of painted furniture, much like your wall colour, can vary depending on the light and whether you’re facing north, east, south or west. Before you decide on the perfect grey bedroom collection for your bedroom, it’s important to consider the aspect – as this will determine whether you should opt for a cooler grey-toned collection or one a little warmer.


Our new Chester Bedside | @peartreecottagelife –

Grey bedroom furniture for north-facing bedrooms

While we often associate north-facing rooms as feeling quite dark with little sunshine streaming through the windows throughout the day, they can actually hold a warmth to them due to the indirect sunlight that filters in. Build on this by opting for warmer tones, rather than cooler ones, when it comes to choosing paint colours and painted furniture.

Our Chester Grey bedroom range, a perennial and much-loved favourite, makes the ideal choice for north-facing bedrooms. More so if it’s a bigger space as this will help to further diffuse the warmth and brightness throughout.

Painted a soft, subtle grey with a white wax oil finish top, Chester has a fresh, coastal feel.


Our Chester Grey Gents Wardrobe

Although a north-facing bedroom can feel brighter during the summer months, adding a floor-length mirror, or hanging one above your bed, will help to reflect and amplify the warmth you’ve added.

To simply embrace the cooler feel of a north-facing bedroom is always an option. Due to the low light levels, introducing cool tones, like blues and grey, can actually make them feel brighter at points throughout the day, but cosier during others. Our rich, darker grey bedroom collections, like Aldington Painted or Simply Cotswold Grey, are ideal if you’re looking to create a warm and cosy space to retreat to in the evenings.


– Our Chantilly White Mirror is also available in grey | @simplyscandikatie –

Whether you choose a warm or cool-toned bedroom collection, introducing accessories in rich and warming shades, like mustard, rust and orange, will not only complement almost any grey shade, but they’ll add their own sense of warmth too.

Grey bedroom furniture for south-facing bedrooms

Naturally bathed in warm sunlight, south-facing bedrooms are relatively easy to decorate. Soft, pale greys work beautifully to maximise on this light – Malvern Mink with its lilac undertones is a perfect example.


Our Malvern Mink 3-Drawer Chest

While a slightly paler, cool-toned range, like Chantilly Grey, will work nicely for retaining the natural brightness you have by adding just a little more depth.

Grey bedroom furniture for west-facing bedrooms

Here, you’ll find light tends to be a little cooler in the mornings, but it will start to warm up by the afternoon as the sun moves round. It’s a nice idea to make the most of the warm afternoon light, by opting for a soft, paler grey – like Malvern Mink or Chantilly Grey – as this will work nicely throughout the day, without feeling too dark.


Our Chantilly Grey Petite Chest

Grey bedroom furniture for east-facing bedrooms

Opposite to west, an east-facing bedroom will see natural sunlight shining through in the morning, but disappearing later on in the day. As our perfect all-rounder, Chester Grey will help to create a fresh and calming space throughout the day with its soft, cool-toned finish and lighter wood tops.


Our Chester Grey Dressing Table


Whether your bedroom faces south or west, lighting – much like paint colours – can transform how a room feels throughout the day. Introduce your own warm glow with artificial light. A pair of table lamps will help to create a soft, low-light feel in the evenings – especially welcome if your bedroom faces north or east.


Our Agustina Table Lamp

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