How to choose the right dining table for your home


It’s a place you all come together. A place to gather, to eat, to work and to chat. It can be the focal point in your home – and something that should be with you for years, which is why choosing the right dining table is an important decision. There’s certainly lots to consider – from which shape to choose, to how big you should go, to the style of legs and which colour would best suit your home.

Before you even take out the tape measure though, think about how often you use your dining table, how many people typically sit around it and what purpose it serves. Do you use it every day or every week for the Sunday roast? At the moment of course we’re all relying on our dining tables much more, whether that’s for school work or work meetings; but it always needs to be sturdy and practical.


Typically we’ll have our dining tables for between 5-10 years, so it’s important to choose one that is timeless and beautifully handcrafted so it’ll withstand the inevitable hustle and bustle of daily family life.

What size should I choose?

Dining tables are big pieces of furniture, so it’s important to measure not only the table, but the space around it too; especially if it’s placed in the middle of a room that people frequently walk through. Generally, each place setting needs to be approximately 22-24 inches, so whether you’re looking for a 4-seater or 6-seater, this is just something to consider.


If you’re a little limited on space but regularly use your dining table, an extendable design is a good option. It helps to create a little more room for sharing dishes and to include an extra chair or two when needed; but can then be folded back down again to take up less room day-to-day if you prefer.

Which shape should I go for?

From square to round, rectangle to oval, choosing the right shape can really alter the look and feel of your dining space. Rectangle dining tables tends to be the most popular choice – and we have a beautiful array to choose from, many of which are extendable. While a round or oval dining table creates a feeling of softness and accessibility thanks to their rounded edges.

The rectangle


A rectangle dining table is an ideal choice for larger kitchen-diner spaces as it helps to create a focal point. To avoid it looking too formal, pair with mismatched or a selection of colourful chairs. A dining bench on one side is a great option for a rectangular table too as it will help it to feel more inviting. Then it can simply be tucked underneath when not in use, which is ideal if you’re short on space.

The square


While larger square dining tables do have a tendency to take up more space, and keep you further away from your dinner guests, our extendable square dining tables are a much more practical and convenient size. Ideal for smaller spaces, they can be popped in the corner, against a wall or in the middle of the room. Then if needed, they can be extended to provide you with a little more space.

The round


A more sociable option and great for tighter spaces. Conversations and sharing food seem easier sitting around a round dining table and because of its softer edges, it allows you to move around it more easily too, especially if it’s placed in a thoroughfare.

For four people, a round dining table should measure 110cm in diameter to ensure everyone has enough space. And, if you find you often need a little more, why not choose one of our round extendable dining tables that easily open out into a larger oval shape to provide you with a little more room.

What legs should I choose?


It may seem a silly question, but choosing the right legs can determine how many people can comfortably sit around your dining table too. There’s nothing worse than bumping knees or having one leg either side of the table leg, so it’s just something that’s worth considering. A pedestal or trestle design can provide a little more flexibility compared to standard table legs; but it really depends on the style and design you’re looking for.

Where should I place my dining table?


This obviously depends on the space you have. You may not have too much choice either, especially if you’re looking for a larger dining table to seat six or eight people. If you can though, a sunny and bright spot will encourage you to sit there more often as it’ll feel more inviting. If you do place your dining table in a thoroughfare, just ensure people have enough space to walk around easily. As we say above, a rounded table edge can work better in these busy spaces.

We hope we’ve helped in your decision when choosing a beautiful new dining table for your home – it’s a big decision and one that requires much thought!

You can browse our whole collection of dining tables online.


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