Show Us You Care…


Our 5 Top Tips on Caring For Your Product


Treat It with Wax…

If your piece has a hand waxed finish, give it a treat with a top up of wax twice a year, it loves it! A little rub down with wax is like a good moisturiser, it’ll stop the heating from drying it out and keep it looking and smelling fabulous. If it’s in a warm spot in your home treat it a little more often than usual and it’ll be happy as Larry.


Be Gentle…

Although our furniture is solid and strong, abrasive detergents are just a little bit too harsh. A clean soft, damp cloth is the perfect way to remove marks and mess on any wooden surface and our furniture is no exception. Vacuum cleaners can be the enemy of furniture, particularly painted pieces. Be as careful as you can when hoovering around the legs or skirting of your piece and you’ll find it retains its clean cut lines for a much longer period.


Be Protective…

Ensuring that there’s a layer of something between your cup and your furniture will stop watermarks or scratches damaging its beautiful surface. Coasters and place mats are inexpensive, can complement your décor and the added protection will save you precious pounds in the long run. If you’re piling on other objects like lamps, TV’s, and telephones, give them a little something to cushion the blow. Just a few felt protectors on an uneven base can protect the surface from scratches and scrapes, it’ll keep your pride and joy pristine and peachy keen.


Keep Colour Consistent

Wood will naturally age and mellow in colour over time. This isn’t a bad thing, it looks beautiful, but you might want to avoid any hidden leaves in your extending table becoming a different shade because they’ve been tucked away too long. Like the dreaded t-shirt tan, you need to allow your table to show it all off once in a while, so it can get an even colour!


Don’t be Afraid to Ask

If you’re ever uncertain about how to care for your product just give us a call, we’re here 7 days a week with expertise and care advice that could make all the difference and we’re always happy to help. As an added incentive to keeping your furniture happy, we’d like to give you a free tin of wax! Just add a tin to the basket of your next purchase from The Cotswold Company, enter TLCBLOG at the checkout and showing you care won’t cost the earth!

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