Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day


As we begin to come together again after a tricky few years, Mother’s Day 2022 marks a poignant moment in celebrating the women or mother figures that raised us. That’s why we have gathered a few thoughtful ideas for Mother’s Day gifts to keep you inspired.

That said, with bustling schedules to uphold, there is no shame in asking when’s Mothers Day? It’s the 27th March, so you still have plenty of time to find something special.

Firstly, we can all agree that over the years, cards and chocolates can fall a little tired. Cue the age-old question – what to get Mum for Mother’s Day that’s both personal and beautiful in equal measure?

We believe the best Mother’s Day gifts are those that are lived with – symbols of your commemoration within the home that bring a sense of joy and appreciation every time they are passed. With this in mind, say thank you to Mum with our selection of gift ideas for their homes and gardens. 

fragrance collection
Our new collection of fragrances each offer something a little different for everyone

Our new home fragrance twin-wick candles and reed diffusers are a treat for the mind and soul. So, take time to consider which scents will best nourish her rituals. Which moments of the day does she consider most sacred?

For early birds, Daybreak is an invigorating way to wake up, while socialites can set the mood with the more convivial aromas from our Gathering range.

Alive with sweet rose, Summer Days carries warmth and brightness to envelop her in sunshine. Or bring the outdoors inside with our refreshing Kitchen Garden.

For ultimate indulgence, help restore peace and tranquility with our wood infused Dusk or soothing lavender Sanctuary. The perfect bubble bath companions – bliss!

Faux flower bouquet - a wonderful alternative for Mother's Day
Lift her spirits for longer by creating a faux flower bouquet mixed with foliage

Mother’s Day flowers never fail to bring happiness and joy. Bursting with colour and life, let blossoms enliven her spirits for longer with our wonderfully versatile faux flowers. No wilting, no watering, just glorious blooms. 

Gift artificial flowers for Mother’s Day as single stems or for a chic, customised finish mix faux with greenery. Robust foliage such as Eucalyptus, Waxflower or Leatherleaf can create a long-lasting bouquet to be admired for months rather than weeks. They are extremely enduring, cost-effective and have deep earthy tones that sit harmoniously with dramatic, larger blooms.

Stow Warm White large bookcase with ideas for personalised Mother's Day gifts
Frame photos of her most treasured memories for a personal touch


Because our silk flowers have a wire structure, you can bend them into the shape you want for your arrangement. Simply cut an inch off all the stems, twist, then secure with string and voila – a personalised Mother’s Day bouquet.


From holiday snaps to postcards of the past, photo keepsakes are an easy, heartfelt way to capture those priceless memories. By filling photo frames with token moments, Mum can enrich the home with treasured family emblems or even curate a whole wall dedicated to those she holds most dear.

Above all, framed photos make great Mother’s Day gifts for Grandma too! 

LSA flower grand posy vase - perfect for Mother's Day blooms
We offer an array of vases that look beautiful in both contemporary and classic décors

Not just a vessel on the shelf, but a welcome reminder of your gratitude – having a vase with meaning can transform the most humble of flowers. 

From elegant recycled glass to crackle glaze ceramics, our range of vases and planters make elegant additions to any home. 

What’s more – for a little Mother’s Day inspiration – cut a few wildflowers on your way to see her next Sunday and pop them inside. 

Likewise, a simple way to rejuvenate Mum’s home is to pair low-maintenance houseplants – such as succulents or Monstera – inside a worthy Mother’s Day plant pot.

Framed artwork with foliage and lamps
A gentle nod to your gratitude, that’s passed everyday – gift a framed print this year

Artwork goes a long way in making a house a home and even more so when it’s given as a gift. 

Printed and framed by hand here in the UK, our exclusive wall art collection is created by talented local artists and inspired by the natural world. Each piece of artwork makes distinctive, unusual Mother’s Day gifts that can be cherished for years to come.


As spring begins to unfurl, green-fingered gardeners will be hankering to get their hands dirty outside. Our gardening gifts are as lovely as they are practical – from gardener’s gift sets to garden tool baskets and insect houses, there’s plenty of ideas to get them outdoors, relishing the brighter weather.

Our pots and garden planters make thoughtful Mother's Day gifts
Now’s the time for garden enthusiasts to start preparing their outdoor spaces with planters and pots

Share a cup of tea or two with Mum using our gorgeous Willow and Blackthorn mug set. Ideal for those who always have a pot of tea on the go, or simply appreciate heritage design. Presented in a beautiful gift box, the Pure Morris Willow and Strawberry Thief range provides a softer grey colourway.

Cushions and blankets
Enhance her relaxation rituals with snuggly blankets and cushions

 We all love a cosy evening spent cocooned in layers with our feet up, so why not pamper Mum with an array of well-deserved cushions and throws. Whether she likes hunkering down with books or nesting in with classic films, we have soft furnishings for every occasion.

Choose from sumptuous velvet cushions and knitted throws to striking embroidery work, such as our Fern Fronds cushion. For extra comfort, our quilts and cushions or throws with cashmere offer luxurious warmth and padded thickness – perfect for curling up with a hot chocolate or cuppa.

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