5 steps to creating a stylish hallway


Sometimes a neglected space in our homes, our hallways can hold a lot of potential. Some may be small and others long, but they can all very easily become a warm and welcoming space by dedicating a little bit of time into thinking how you’d like it to look.


Our Chester Grey Hallway Tidy | @the_suffolk_nest

Like many rooms in your home, it’s important first and foremost to consider the purpose of your hallway. Is it the sole storage space you have for keeping shoes and hanging coats? Do you live in a busy family home where storage and organisation is essential? Although perhaps not currently, is it normally a busy thoroughfare with friends and family popping in and out; or dogs waiting patiently to be walked?


Our Sussex Grey Shoe Bench | @goldenfoxcottage

Taking all of these into account, a hallway needs to be practical. Functional too for every day living, whether it’s a busy space or not. We want them to be tidy and homely too, with sufficient storage for keeping outerwear safely tucked away.

From lighting to storage, we’re sharing our top tips for creating a hallway that’s stylish, welcoming and homely.


This point goes without saying.

Good, practical and accessible hallway storage will make leaving the house that much easier, and coming home a more friendly welcome too. In busier households, this point will resonate even more. From shoe storage benches for tucking away shoes and sandals of every size, and coat hooks for hanging most worn jackets, scarves in winter and even a dog lead or two, to console tables and baskets. The former a perfect solution for narrow hallways and the latter for additional storage as and when needed.


Our Chester Grey Monks Bench | @home_with_rose

Perhaps more than many other rooms in your home, the size of the hallway really can determine the storage potential it has. While our shoe storage benches do come in short, slim-line designs, our coat hooks are ideal for maximising space.

Adding a cushion or two to your shoe bench can help to bring the look together, making it feel that bit cosier and a nice spot to pop your shoes on.


Whether it’s a new light fitting, lampshade or adding a table lamp to your hallway table, lighting is just as important in the hallway as say, the living room. It’s the perfect way to make an entrance feel warm and welcoming; and sets the tone for the rest of your home.


Agustina Table Lamp sitting on our Wickham Oak Console Table

While we may not think of adding a table lamp to the hallway, creating a soft, warm glow – rather than a bright overhead light – can feel nice; especially if your hallway leads through into the living room or kitchen.


We spoke about the benefits adding a mirror or two into your home in our post, How to use mirrors to maximise and brighten your space. Not only can they help to maximise your space then, but they bring a subtle and welcoming brightness too, reflecting the natural sunlight into darker corners. Many hallways are not blessed with streams of natural light, and some can feel really quite dark, especially during the shorter days of winter; so this is a brilliant and timeless solution.


Our Belva Mirror | @goldenfoxcottage

Try popping a mirror at the bottom of your stairs, seen here in Becca’s home, or hanging a beautiful round style above the hallway table to give the illusion of more light – and space. They make a handy hallway accessory for a quick check before you leave the house too.


Whether you choose wooden floorboards or patterned tiles, choosing something that’s durable and able to withstand the inevitable to-ing and fro-ing needn’t mean it can’t be beautiful too. There seems to have been a resurgence in adding character to hallways through patterned tiles – whether it’s restoring beautiful Edwardian tiles or choosing new ones. They’re a brilliant way to add character and colour too, especially if you prefer simple, white furniture and neutral accessories.



Adding a runner can help to add texture and bring the look together too, creating a sense of warmth.


It’s something that no room is quite complete without. Whether it’s a gallery wall filled with black and white photos of your wedding day, favourite travel memories or portraits of friends and family, photographs add warmth and personality to any space. It’s also a lovely sight to see when you first step through your front door.


Our Tetbury Grey Console Table | @thebarnatmanorfarm

Favourite greeting cards, postcards or artwork picked up from a market stall during a city break will all spark memories and nostalgia too. Helping to add personality to make your hallway not only a stylish and welcoming space, but wonderfully personal too.


Our Farmhouse Painted Merchants Chest & Alba Table Lamp | @peartreecottagelife

For warm welcomes and lasting impressions to stylish and memorable goodbyes, we hope these ideas and suggestions help you to create a hallway that’s not only stylish, but one you love to come home to every day too.

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