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Burford Quad Wardrobe

With the weeks seeming to pass us by and Halloween already upon us, it won’t be long until we’re on the countdown to Christmas. If you’ve got guests coming to stay for a night, a week or more, it’s nice to put them up in a room that you’d be happy to stay in yourself. Or, an even nicer one, perhaps.

As the festive season approaches, why is it we always seem to leave these jobs and DIY projects we set ourselves until the very last minute? We find ourselves picking out paint colours in mid-December and struggling to find suitable delivery dates for new furniture with only a few days until guests arrive.

Let this be the year that all changes, then. The year that the guest room is ready, waiting and welcoming come December.

Ashwicke Grey Painted Kingsize Sleigh Bed | Ashwicke Grey Painted Nightstand

It’s no secret that decorating or upgrading a room, particularly a bedroom, is a big job. It requires a lot of thought, decision-making, time and energy. Which is why we place so much value on furniture and making sure it really is forever. So we’re confident you won’t be finding yourself wanting to change it by Christmas next year or in five years time. Not only is it beautifully handcrafted, but it’s timeless too. Because we focus on a design and finish that won’t date or age.

A Neutral Scheme

Camille Limewash Oak Kingsize Bed | Clemento Round Rug | Oatmeal Beehive Throw | Camille Limewash Oak Triple Wardrobe | Bumblebee Cushion | Taupe Velvet Cushion | Stripe Cushion | Chantilly White Wide Blanket Box | Camille Limewash Oak Chest | Camille Limewash Oak 6-Drawer Chest

Guest rooms are the perfect space to experiment with or to go with a decor scheme you perhaps wouldn’t try in your own bedroom. Sometimes, going with a simple, neutral scheme is best though. This way, you’ve a better chance family and friends will feel content and comfortable when they visit. A real home away from home.

Our Camille Limewash Oak range complements this thought perfectly. With a beautifully weathered effect, it’s an elegant and timeless collection with a French-inspired feel. Pairing with neutral accessories helps to bring warmth and cosiness too – perfect for this time of year. Pop a blanket box at the bottom of the bed or under the window for throws and extra cushions to be stored come spring.

Bring Contemporary Charm

Light Oak Winged Blanket Box | Stroud Duck Egg Rug | Rope Handled Basket | Westcote Blue Bedroom Set | Floyd Table Lamp | Snowshill White Kingsize Bed | Maya Tassel Cushion | Midnight Velvet Cushion | Opal Velvet Cushion

Westcote Blue continues to be a popular collection for its striking finish and contemporary design. A perfect contemporary shade for the bedroom, pair with complementary shades of blue or more muted colours to soften a little if you prefer. If you fancy mixing and matching our painted ranges, Snowshill White and Chantilly White offer a clean and modern contrast to Westcote Blue, while our real oak collections will add a timeless and rustic feel. Our new velvet cushions – available in an array of light and jewel-coloured tones – will bring comfort, cosiness and a pop of colour if needed.

A Rustic Feel

White Wash Large Hamper | Wickham Oak Bedside | Wickham Oak Dressing Set | Panel Throw | Woven Seagrass Rug | Stag Cushion | Silver Velvet Cushion | Wickham Oak Kingsize Bed | Wickham Oak 2+3 Chest | Lantern Lamp

Wickham Washed Oak is the perfect collection for adding a more rustic feel to your spare bedroom. With a white-washed finish and elegant drop handles, it pairs beautifully with cosy, tactile accessories; like our wool-blend throws and textured rugs. Match cushions to the upholstered jute-textured panels found on our Wickham beds, and choose soft, subtle bedroom lighting to set the right tone.

Winstone White Bedside | Laurie Super King Bed | Willow Dove Cushion | Martha Throw | Milo Table Lamp | Antique Rope Handled Basket | Fjord Rug in Oyster

It’s important to remember when decorating your guest bedroom, or giving it a bit of makeover, that it needs to feel warm and welcoming. You want to create a space they feel happy retreating to. A space that feels like their own. Shop our Bedroom Sets for a quick and instant refresh or browse our new accessories for an inexpensive way to update a space and make it feel that bit cosier and more stylish.



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