Books…Making Use of One of Your Biggest Assets


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Like records, they’re a format that we just won’t let go of despite the digital age we live in. Books are an infinite source of entertainment and education, but when well displayed, your book collection can really enhance your interiors and lift the rooms they grace. They add colour, texture and a touch of intrigue wherever they’re placed, so we’re exploring how to get the best from your books, one of your greatest interior assets.  

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It Pays to Display

Where is your current home for books? If they’re not pride of place in your living space, its time to make a change. Have you tucked them away so well that you can’t even remember what you’ve got, let alone be prompted to read something? If so it’s time to take some pride in your book collection again.

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As well as the tales they tell within, each book tells a story of you and your personal journey through literature and life. Show them off and invite people to discover a little more about you.

If they’re tired and tatty old paperbacks, that you don’t think deserve the shelf space, you can still use them as a great form of display. Simply reversing the books and showing off the shades of the paper will create a wall of texture, while maintaining a constant reminder to read more often.

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Never Judge a Book by Its Cover

Some beautifully fabric bound books can be found beneath the tattiest of covers, if the outer/protective layer isn’t looking sharp any more, just remove it and take a look at what you’re left with. Some of our most interesting and aesthetically pleasing books have been found this way. We’ve built up a wonderfully diverse selection of hardbacks, by exploring the book inside and out. Always make an effort to look beyond the outer layer, there’s often something special hidden beneath.

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Tips for Cataloguing

A common interior trend in recent years is to group your books by colour. If you’re anything like me, I will often remember the spine colour of the book I’m after above the full title, so this can actually be a great way to catalogue your collection as well as being fun to look at.

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Grouping your books by colour per room is also a lovely way to add coherence to your decor. A selection of stacked books in a similar colour finish or a shade that ties into your wall colour or soft furnishings can look great. This trick is also a lovely way of selecting a group of books for the guest bedroom; choosing by colour rather than title will provide a totally random selection for your visitors to browse through.

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The Coffee Table Book

Having a selection of large coffee table books that bring a smile to your face is such an asset to your living space. If you can build up a collection of a few titles featuring aspirational places or subjects, you’ll have many happy hours of lounging time. Seek out books that feature beautiful photography of places you’ve been or want to go to, or perhaps include things you’ve done or are dying to do or alternatively one full of artwork that makes you happy and inspired.

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They’re often a little more expensive than your average paper back, but build up the right collection around your interests and you and your guests will never get bored of flicking through the pages.

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Mix Books & Tech

Introducing books to areas that house a lot of technology is a great trick for softening the appearance of your appliances. Just a few humble books in and around your DVD player or TV can really neutralise the harsh lines, adding hints of colours and texture to an otherwise sterile environment. 

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The Gift of Knowledge & Inspiration

Books are such a wonderful gift for friends or family, not only are they educational but they are also wonderfully personal. They can either be passed on as a recommendation or as something that sums up the receiver and appeals to their interests…’I saw this and thought of you’. They’re usually kept for an entire lifetime, especially if a personal message is written within the cover.

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We’ve found many of our favourite books from 2nd hand stores and charity shops, but if you’re looking for something fresh off the press and full of vibrancy, a great place to source special books for gifts and for your own collection are Museums and Galleries. The V&A is a great place to find books on inspiring people and brands.  We also love Magma and Material Material for its excellent selection of creative books and bookazines.

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