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Design for African Marigold printed textile design by William Morris, 1876    

The Cotswold Company hold many ideals from the Arts & Crafts movement close to our hearts. We share a passion for the joy of craftsmanship, the beauty of natural materials and the availability of well-made furniture for all. If it’s a concept that’s close to your heart too, join us in supporting the William Morris Gallery with their quest keep the spirit of arts and crafts alive and accessible for future generations.


William Morris was a key figure and probably the best place to start if you want to know more or get an overview of this amazing period of design. The gallery is completely free to visit and holds the most comprehensive collection of objects relating to all aspects of Morris’s life and work, including his work as a designer, a writer and a campaigner for social equality and the environment. They also hold a beautiful collection of important materials relating to the Arts and Crafts Movement.


William Morris Gallery, Clare Twomey

If you feel passionately about Great British craft, why not offer a few pennies to help ceramic artist Clare Twomey transform the gallery into a live craft studio. This summer she will invite members of the public to work as apprentices on a vast tile panel – an ambitious installation that will bring William Morris’s ideas to life.


The gallery are running a crowdsourcing campaign to raise money for this interactive exhibition. They have a deadline of 22nd April to reach their £10, 000 target, so don’t delay, find out more about the project here, make a donation and become a part of the arts and crafts journey forever!


We’ve compiled a few of our favourite museums and galleries relating to the arts and crafts movement and arts and crafts in general, take a look at our ‘out and about‘ post here.

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