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Not all of us are blessed with a large expansive entrance hall but more often than not we have a handy porch or boot room creating a buffer between the great outdoors and the living area. Sometimes these spaces can become a little overlooked, a passing place that lacks the TLC shown to the rest of your home. Though this isn’t necessarily a place you want to linger for a long time, you may be surprised at how much harder this space could work for you and how much more pleasant it could look. Primarily, this needs to feel like a functioning room, rather than a dumping ground, so we’ve pulled together some great products to help you make this space feel a little more loved…

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Our Albany Soft Truffle Occasional Table is perfect for a porch. It’s petite but still offers a shelf, a surface and stowaway spot with its double height drawer.  

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Our Oakland Shoe Cupboard provides a plethora of storage spots for shoes and accessories. Read our Modern Country Living blog post for more details on this handy little unit and see how it could help you in your boot room or hallway.  


Cottage Oak Shoe Storage

Space is often the key hindrance when it comes to a porch area but we have some small but perfectly formed storage options that will work wonderfully in a petite space. This Cottage Oak Shoe Cupboard is slender but provides the practical spot for stowing away footwear.

Wellie storage, porch, hallway, garden


Wellies can be an awkward item to store, particularly if they’re regularly muddy. Adding a welly boot rack like this one to your porch, could provide a neat and practical drying space, leaving your floor muck free.


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Small details like a post stash for incoming and outgoing mail can enhance the look of your porch as well as being a useful organisational tool. This Ezrah Wirework Rack creates an ideal place to keep correspondence that’s awaiting your attention or needs to be posted on.


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If your porch isn’t wide enough for a full-size shoe bench, why not introduce a simple basket to stow away messy shoes out of sight. This set offers you two sizes and could provide an easy, fuss-free place for the family to sling shoes.

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Or introduce one of our Appleby Oak Storage Bench, it’s perfectly petite and provides you with some hidden storage beneath the seat and a neat little spot to tie your laces.


Log basket, porch, fireplace,

Porches can often be hot, sunny places, so if space allows, add a wood stack in this area. Not only will you have beautifully dry wood for the fire, but a nice smell of timber as you walk through the door.

Accessories storage, hallway, porch, hooks, oak

High storage is a great way of stowing away coats and accessories and keeping clutter off the floor. If you don’t have a lot of space to play with, keeping storage off the ground and the floor visible will create the illusion of space. 

 Rug, porch, hallway


A porch or boot room is usually a high traffic area, so you need a robust rug to deal with the excessive footfall. Our Coconut Runner is extremely durable and measures 66 x 180cm, ideal for a porch or entrance hall.

Oak hallway cupbaord, porch, hallway, storage

It’s remarkable what just one small cupboard can do to create a sense of order in your life. Introducing a petite cupboard, like this one, to your porch could offer a home for shoes and accessories while taking up minimal floor space. If you adorn it with some plants and accessories it’ll enhance the look of your porch and make the entrance to your home a little more inviting.


Oak high storage, hooks, accessories, hallway porch 

Want to create some hanging space above? Match up the Montague Cupboard with the Montague Oak 5 Hook Coat Rack, you’ll have the complete package and a handy spot to hang your hat.

  1. Amazing collection , I have just received two items of your furniture the quality is excellent it was packaged well and the delivery men were helpful and polite .Will definitely be buying from you again in the future.

  2. Love it all – such choice! Will enjoy making a plan for our constricted entrance. Thank you.

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