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Do You Know How To Mix & Match?


Top tips on how to beautifully blend our most popular ranges…



Did you know that many of our ranges can be mixed and matched? If you love the finish of one but the detail of another, there’s a good chance you could tie them together in one flawless look. To give you a beginners guide, we’ve put together some quick pointers to keep an eye out for when shopping for multiple items

The Light Oak Family


If you’re drawn to a contemporary oak finish, you’ll probably gravitate towards, our ‘Light Oak family’. This consists of our Light, Newark, Appleby, Stirling, Farmhouse and Alderley Oak ranges. All of these gorgeous collections have exactly the same oak finish but varying design details to suit your style.

Here are some  Light Oak pairings that we think work wonderfully…

Light Oak & Newark




Appleby Oak




Sussex or Florence With Light Oak


Ever considered mixing a painted range with an oak range? Our Florence and Sussex ranges have a beautifully crafted oak surface that will blend beautifully with any of our Light Oak family.


A light oak table could, therefore, be joined harmoniously with a Florence chair and sideboard and a Sussex Table would work perfectly well with a Light Oak Chair!

See if you might like to try some of these perfect pairings…

Newark & Florence



 Sussex & Light Oak



Chairs You can mix with the Light Oak Family…


When it comes to light oak dining you have an abundance of chair choice at your disposal.  Take a look at our Highgrove, Weston and Light Oak chair collections and select a style that suits your mood and makes your dining design personal to you.

The Rustic Group


Our classic Oakland, Lyon Oak an Lyon Petite Oak ranges are all totally interchangeable. You can mix and match all the shapes and sizes of these extensive rustic ranges to suit your storage needs and the oak finish of each range will sit together perfectly.

Charlton Painted & Our Rustic Ranges 


Our new Charlton Range is painted in a beautiful Lichen Green exterior and finished with a rustic oak surface that matches our Oakland, Lyon Oak and Lyon Petite Oak ranges. So if you love the rustic style, but want to break up the wood finish with something a little lighter and brighter, Charlton is a great range to integrate with this group.

Natural Oak & Chester



Our beautifully understated Natural Oak range has a calming finish and a quintessentially modern rustic style. This is a great range to group together but you may not have realised that it will also integrate smoothly with our chic Chester Grey range too!


The cool, contemporary paintwork of our Chester Grey is complemented with an oak surface that matches the Natural Oak range flawlessly.

Pairing Our Ivory Ranges 


With so many shades of white furniture available it’s easy to find things a little confusing and end up putting the wrong tones side by side. If you want to mix and match your styles of white furniture but ensure the shades are suited to one another, take a look at our Farmhouse Ivory and Portobello ranges.


You can team the simple, elegant country style of our Portobello with the rustic baskets and pure surfaces of the Farmhouse Ivory collection and get the best of both worlds!


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