Everyone Needs a Nest!


Natural Oak Nest 6

Everyone Needs a Nest!

Often underrated or perhaps a little underutilised, a nest of tables is the perfect accompaniment to your favourite armchair or sofa spot. Their cascading layers of surfaces offer the perfect perch for your a cup of coffee, your evening read and even a lamp or vase of flowers, all in one beautiful little bundle.

 Natural Oak Nest 4

NEW – Natural Oak

We’re always excited to introduce a newcomer to the Cotswold Company family, but we’re particularly enamoured with the stunning Natural Oak range. It’s raw, natural appearance is enhanced with a white oil, to keep it looking light and fresh.

Natural Oak Nest 2


Styling – Introducing Pop Colours

Our featured Natural Oak Nest has a particularly muted finish, which is perfect if you want to add in some bold accessories. We’ve teamed this nest with the Astrid Lemon Throw and our Asmita Cushion in Paprika Red, which we’ve tied together with the burnt oranges and yellows of our vintage vase. Be brave with accessory colour and pattern; they’re the perfect way to make a statement without breaking the bank and they’re easy to swap when you want to freshen things up.

Natural Oak Nest 7

Natural Oak Nest 1


A simple nest of tables can be the answer to your living room layout. They tuck away neatly when they’re not in use, but when they’re out in force they can be as diverse as a coffee cup spot to lovely lamp table. Their graduated sizes are also perfect for adding height variation to your living space. If you like the idea of introducing a nest, but you’re looking for a slightly different style, take a look at our full range of nest of tables and you’ll find a huge number of shapes and sizes.

Natural Oak Nest 3


Though pictured here with some beautifully vibrant colours, we also think this range would work wonderfully well with a some seaside styling or the introduction of a nautical colour pallet of blues and aquamarines. For even more ideas, click here to see the full Natural Oak Range.

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