Modern Country Living #4


   Oakland Chest of Drawers 2

Get more Floor Space with Drawers Space

If you’re suffering with a severe case of ‘floor-drobe’ at the moment and your bedroom’s looking a mess, chances are you’re lacking the storage space you need. Introducing a chest of drawers is a great way of adding maximum storage space, without losing precious floor space. With a multitude of compartments, chests are great for giving you organisation with designated drawers for specific items.

 Oakland Chest of Drawers 8

Democratic Drawer Sharing!

Our Oakland chest is particularly practical when it comes to sharing a bedroom. Standing tall with four smaller drawers at the top, these handy little storage spots are ideal for partners to share sock and underwear space with clear boundaries of who’s goes where. Just make sure there’s no falling out over the 3 large drawers beneath. Men, be advised that the ‘2 for you, 1 for me’ approach works well for most women!

Oakland Chest of Drawers 6

Styling  – Oak & Dusty Greens  

It stands to reason that wood and green work together well, as mother nature rarely gets it wrong! We always find this is a good rule of thumb when pulling together a colour pallet; if the colours work well together in the great outdoors, they’re more than likely to work well in your home.

Teaming Oak with this muted, dusty green is a winning combination.

Oakland Chest of Drawers10

Use Your Surface Space Wisely

Chest of drawers are obviously great for storage, but utilising their surface is where you can get a little more creative. The more practical you can be the better  as you want to get as much out of your floor space as possible, but if u can embellish that practicality with some of your favourite objects or a fresh arrangement of flowers, you’ll find your chest of drawers becomes fabulous as well as functional.

Oakland Chest of Drawers 11

Styling – Pussy Willow

Pussy Willow, is a beautifully simple but decorative way of adding a touch of nature to your bedroom. They can be dried out, so take little or no maintenance and stood alone in a tall vase, like the one we’ve used, can really complement taller pieces of furniture.

Oakland Chest of Drawers 3

Which Finish Is For You?

Our Classic Oakland Chest is a beautifully warm addition to any bedroom. It’s timeless style isn’t likely to fall out fashion any time soon, but before you make your purchase, think about what finish is right for you. For example, if you feel like you want to go for cooler, muted tones on your wall, Oak is a lovely way of balancing that with warmth. Plus the oak grain adds any detail that’s lacking from the wall.

If you’re going to be brave with pattern or bold with wall colour, take a look at our painted furniture; a bright white chest of drawers could add the perfect counter balance to a busy wallpaper.

For lots more options, click here for our full range of chest of drawers.

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