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Celebrating the Silent Stars of Our Photo shoots


We spend hours at various locations creating our beautiful Cotswold Company Home, but alongside our handcrafted furniture and a multitude of props are a small selection of flowers and plants that breathe life into every shot. Here we’re celebrating some of our favourite floral finds and some tips for recreating the look at home.

One of our favourite finds from our latest shoot was the humble cabbage flower. We teamed this with a mixture of grasses and presented it in a classic earthenware pot. A simple, subtle colour scheme which complemented our Epsom Oiled Oak Dining Set beautifully.


We also added a splash of vibrant red with a few Leucospermum flowers.


We often group plants and flowers together to introduce layers of texture to our shots. These stunning pink roses were accompanied by some deep blue thistles and coupled up with blue fern. These dusty colours looked fabulous against our Henley Grey Chest and the neutral coloured paneling behind.


White Ranunculi are a firm favourite of ours and we loved combining its delicate beauty with the rough, hardy nature of the blue thistle blossom flower.


The brilliant white Hydrangeas in this shot look perfect against our striking heritage green wall. We’ve accompanied it with a vintage Denby ware vase and some sprigs of dusty pink Astilbe and some Veronica. The perfect perch for a family photo or two.


Ivies, ferns and succulents play a huge part in our displays. We also loved introducing an Autumnal look with this selection of multi-coloured baby pumpkins and a beautiful basket, sourced from a vintage fair.


This ‘string of pearls’ plant draped perfectly drawers of our Oakland Chest. We spent hours unraveling each little strand to maximise on its length and impact.


These hardy little spider plants in a simple terracotta pot add a great splash vibrant green and touch of texture to any surface. They’re also low maintenance, which is a big bonus!



Roses and Eucalyptus are a winning combination as far as we’re concerned! This bunch looked particularly stunning against the crumbling mixture of floral and text wallpaper behind.


We love the dusty, muted colour of these Alliums, they really complemented the grey skirting and vintage mirror in our shot and added an abundance of texture.


We find that Craspedia (or Billy Balls) are an incredibly useful addition to our flower selection. They add a vibrant pop of colour and their neat little spheres create an interesting contrast to rustic blooms, like these beautiful Thistles and Eucalyptus.


Crespedia dry easily and last for an age if they’re kept out of water. You can keep adding them to a multitude of arrangements or on display them on their own as a striking centerpiece.

If your inspired to get flower arranging, share some of your favourite blooms with us via our Facebook page.


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