How to create the perfect office at home


At a time when many of us are doing our best to try and work from home, finding a space that feels right – in the sense that it’s calm and spacious, but feels proactive and personal too – can seem somewhat challenging. Before this uncertain time begun, you may not even have had a home office space, but as the days have turned to weeks, we’re finding that perhaps, the dining table isn’t always the best spot to try and work from!

Our Chalford Charcoal Office Suite@amyelizabethinteriors

With this in mind, we thought we’d ask a few of our favourite home accounts over on Instagram to share their tips for creating an office space at home; and how to make sure it’s somewhere you feel motivated and inspired.

Here’s what they had to say…

Melanie from @love_nordic_x

Winstone White Console Desk 

“To create the perfect workspace make sure you have good light and open some windows,” Melanie tells us. “I try and change rooms for a change of scenery too.”

Sometimes, it’s the little things that can make all the difference, as Melanie tells us: “I’ve arranged some flowers around the area to bring the outdoors in. Also listening to your music is good for the soul. I have created a new playlist with lots of my favourite chill out music. Sorting out my Spotify is another way of keeping busy, and discovering new music. We have so much time to explore new music.”

Hollie from @hollie_berries_

When we spoke to Hollie, she admits that for her, structure – and snack breaks! – can make all the difference to her productivity when she’s working from home.

“Write down a plan for your day including tasks and scheduled times for regular tea breaks. This gives structure to a working from home day which can make the world of difference to productivity levels!”

Emma from @thelittlestonecottage

With our beautiful Chester Dove Grey Hidden Desk taking pride of place in Emma’s home office, she explains, that for her, storage is essential.

“Try and provide enough storage within the space to minimise clutter. This could be by using desk organisers on the surface, or choosing a piece of furniture with additional storage space included – like our Chester Dove Grey Hidden Desk.

“If I have a visually tidy space to work in, I feel much more calm and collated. I always light a candle too to promote relaxation as much as possible!”

Cherry from @dicksonvintage

When we spoke to Cherry about building a beautiful work space at home, she told us that making sure you surround yourself with personal items, as well as practical, will help to inspire you. If you have an alcove or corner calling out for a creative work space, our bureaus – like Cherry’s vintage one above – or a console table will slot in perfectly too.

“Make your workspace an extension of your home style and personality by including pieces that you love.  I’m a huge fan of all things floral, therefore my stationery, storage and even my bureau and chair are covered in flowers!

“Adding a plant or some flowers by your desk will boost your mood plus improves the air quality around you,” Cherry also tells us. “Make sure you include something sentimental to you on your working table – the jam jar for my pens was my Grandma’s and the horse is from my travels in Sweden.”


We hope these tips and beautiful home office spaces have inspired yours. Don’t forget, if you’re the proud owner of a Cotswold Company desk, tag us on Instagram so we can see all your lovely, productive spaces this spring!

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